Innovations for Coffee Lovers: Textpresso Coming to a Coffee Shop Near You

Alex Bezeau June 2, 2013 0
Innovations for Coffee Lovers: Textpresso Coming to a Coffee Shop Near You


Who’s up for some coffee? – Take your smartphone, send a text message to your Textpresso and take out your fresh made coffee. This coffee machine might hit the stores in very near future, but the people in Zipwhip don’t plan to release it. If they don’t want to make this coffee machine, some other companies can take that advantage and by using the open source code, they can make its own version of it and make tons of money.

In order to get a coffee from this coffee maker, all you need to do is text your order on the Textpresso’s number. It’s extremely communicative and it will let you know when the water tank is empty and when it lacks coffee beans.

Zipwhip started this project from a coffee machine that costs $500 and with inserting a programmed PI computer, they got the beautiful invention called Textpresso. This computer uses a platform that can convert the texts into commands that this machine uses for making the proper coffee. This is something that every company employee would want. Imagine sitting at your office, you are texting the main Textpresso machine and by the time you get there, your coffee is ready for takeoff. Fun!



And it’s getting better. If you are VIP member in a coffee shop, you can text “usual” and the coffee maker will do the coffee that you have ordered couple of times. How will it do that? – Simple, it recognizes your number and remembers orders. So, it will bring you the usual coffee.

These Textpresso innovators have no intention of stopping here. I mean, where’s the point of stopping at just espresso version of a coffee? – According to the CEO, John Lauer, their plan is to make the customers think up some more useful applications for this texting platform and see their ideas for making it better. It’s nice from them to use the users’ opinions in order to offer them the best experience from a coffee maker.

On the company’s official site for this machine, it has been written that they have no intention of making these machines for commercial usage. Zipwhip wants only to show their cloud version for texting through computer and mobile device that for them was the most difficult part for building. This Textpresso was something easy but we can agree that it will be very handy if it goes out on the market.

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