The Most Rapid Photo Sharing Minus the Quality

Jasmina Lozevska June 3, 2013 0
The Most Rapid Photo Sharing Minus the Quality

This Analog Camera photo editor is made by RealMac software, which is also the producer of the Clear app. If you purchase this editor, you will be able to modify your images and you can share them on the fastest and easiest way so far. Beside these, this Analog Camera editor brings you these features:

  • Three additional modes on the camera plus Manual Exposure and Focus
  • 8 filters
  • Great design
  • It gives you the professional camera photo shooting experience
  • Easy sharing with the social networks
  • Easy access to your Camera Roll and Photo Stream
  • Enables you to send your images to Instagram and other photo editor apps

It’s not extremely rich with features and it uses only these few options in order to make the sharing quick and easier. After you launch the app, you can take the picture through your camera right away and then, you can choose from the offered filters. It’s made the same way other editor apps are made. You can even choose from your already taken pictures from your photo library – already seen, but always a very helpful feature. You can do this by choosing the proper icon placed on the top of the screen.


We already mentioned the next step, adding some of the fun filters. There are not so many of them included in this editor, but in near future we might see more of them and to be honest, they need to be even more exciting than they already are. You will notice that all the filters are placed on a grid and just by taping them you can see your picture transform according to the filters you choose. If you are up for a quick sharing photo booth than this picture editor is a great example of it.

When you are done with the filtering, your next step is sharing your images with your friends on the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Along with the picture, this app enables you to attach a certain message that will be posted with it. There is also an option that lets you save your image or open it with other editor for making further changes to it. It has support for all the other big apps that are perfect for adding many filters like Instagram, PhotoToaster, Dropbox and other.

analog camera

If you ask me, there are many other apps that can perform equally well, if not even better. I’m not a big fan of quick sharing feature because it doesn’t make any difference to me. But the thing that I like the most in this app is the quick interface that filtering a photo is just one swipe and click away. And maybe for this the people from RealMac didn’t want to put more filters because it will slow down this process. It’s good on its own way. It will let you to take a quick photo, add a filter and share. Done, that’s the full process of editing your photos. If you are a fan of more filters, sliders for setting your brightness, color and etc, you need to search for somewhere else.

At the end we are making our version of the pros and cons for this photo editor app:

Pros: Easy and quick sharing of the photos, great interface, easy manageable

Cons: Lack of filters, lack of some must-have options (contrast, brightness etc.).

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