Android Travel Apps Make Summertime Travels Easier

Heidi Speare June 3, 2013 0
Android Travel Apps Make Summertime Travels Easier


Summer vacations and trips are becoming people’s main preoccupation at the moment and the majority of them want their summer vacation to be filled with excitement and to be an unforgettable experience. A lot of them choose to visit many different places and some plan to visit just one place and explore it to the last inch. Now, if you have an Android based device, we are here to give you couple of apps that you will find it useful on your travel.

1. Hipmunk

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This is a free application that can offer you some easy travel search. It uses couple of factors that makes the whole boring process quick. It can order you’re a list of departures by price, time and Wi-Fi availability. So, if you are late to your flight it will show you the next flights on your timeline.

2. Skyscanner

The name itself shows you that this app is related only to the flights. If you are searching something different like great visual results, this app offers you really quick and some powerful capabilities. With just one tap, it will show you 1000 and more airlines along with the travel agencies. You can get this application free of charge.

3. Google Now



This useful application with its features is related with all your travel needs. It can remind you of your flight couple of times and maybe it will be boring from time to time but it will help you not to miss the flight. When you schedule the flight reminder, this app will give you all the proper information that you need to know about your desired destination. It will give you some sights that you must see or complete a weather report.

4. Google Maps

You have predicted that this app will show up on this list don’t you? Anyways, this app is very important when you’re about to experience a travel that it’s unfamiliar and new to you. It will let you see all the places you need to know while traveling. The great updates of it show you even the indoor maps of some big malls or airports. This Google Maps app got so sophisticated that it will never let you miss your terminal while you are at an airport.

5. Yelp


If you want to find all the desired information about restaurants or buffets, you need Yelp to help you with that. It will give you recommendations and places you need to visit and try their food in couple of seconds. All the retail businesses have “star” ratings that are really helpful for you to find the most desired and most popular places nearby.

6. Wi-Fi finder

This free application is really useful when you are on the move. If you need a nearby Wi-Fi hot-spot, this application will do the walking for you. It has a really wide range and it will show the strength of the signal also.

There you have it, we are sure that you will find these apps really useful. Have fun and make sure you have a great, long summer trip!

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