Will Laptops and PC’s Be Running Android in the Near Future?

Jaycee De Guzman June 3, 2013 1


Android has been proved to be a great OS when it comes to mobile platforms and now it’s the leader among other mobile platforms. But some other plans involve this OS platform in the future and we will see if it will be as successful as in the mobile market. Google is rumored to make Android OS that will be supporting laptops and PC devices in near future. The question is: Is Google up to the challenge?

If you ask me, Google is more than ready to deal with this kind of a challenge that will bring us Android based laptops and PCs. This company only needs the proper PC maker to lay its OS version on it and together be powerful and better out there on the market. Microsoft must be concerned about this rumor because Google is going straight at them with these new rumored plans. As the source says, HP’s new notebook will feature this new OS. It’s called Android based HP SlateBook x2 notebook. And a couple of speculations are suggesting that it will have a price tag of $480 and for a notebook, which is quite affordable.

But I’m kind of wondering how Android will perform when it comes to notebooks. We’ve seen what it can do on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets but in this case, the role is bigger. Of course, this will attract the attention of the many Android fans and the seekers for cheaper laptop devices. If this laptop comes out next week, Microsoft will have the next step that will face these cheaper Android-based laptops.



There is a huge possibility we’ll be seeing some Windows based laptop versions hit the budget market this year. It was speculated that the new Silvermont chip will likely have its debut this year on all the Windows 8 and Windows Blue based devices that will feature this new processor chip from Intel. This chip was introduced to be the “Next-Generation Microarchitecture” that, according to Intel, will provide an increased performance and energy efficiency. This redesigned chip is using a process that is created by using 3-D Tri-gate transistors which were co-optimized with 22nm SoC by Intel. Cool huh?

So, if this is what we can expect next in the OS world, if the next HP Android based notebook proves to be successful on the market, the company might even consider replacing the Windows platform with this new Android OS. Coming out from Microsoft, we can expect cheaper laptops and don’t be surprised if some next generation versions of the present devices hit the low-price market. This will not be a bad thing though, but we expect some great performances from both OS platforms. All in all, with the launch of this Android based notebook, Google will take a huge step forward into building this operating system in something big that is ready to grab the majority of the tech world. I hope you are ready for it.

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