OGS Weighs in: Shopping for the Best Smartphone Plan at T-Mobile

Jasmina Lozevska June 3, 2013 1

Recently, T-Mobile started making some great plans how to bring itself a step closer to the big US carriers. From what we can see, this carrier has the perfect plan for you depending on your mobile data usage. You just need to find yourself in those offered plans by T-Mobile and all that, without any contract that ties you up with this carrier. This was considered to be an advantage that many customers can take.

If you look closely at this company that takes 4th place on the list of U.S carriers, features the cheapest prepaid plan ever seen in this area. For only $30 a month, you will get 5GN data, 100 free minutes talk-time and unlimited texts. You will tire your thumbs from writing texts, seriously.

You can find all the plans to choose from on the official site of this carrier. But the thing that bugged me off when I was searching for the proper plan I wasn’t able to find these prepaid plans anywhere. But if you search for them, T-Mobile will shift to them, and from there you are on your own for finding the perfect plan that will carry you on. First, you will see the $50 option, but scroll down and you will find the right one. The $30 option will bring you the best plan you have ever seen. If you want to order only your SIM card, you will receive it maybe a week from your offer, but you can choose to buy it with a phone, too.

The speed of the network coverage is really decent, and if your smartphone or mobile device is supporting this newly supported 4G LTE network from T-Mobile, you will not have any difficulty. In fact, you will get the feel that you are under a contract by the other bigger carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

gty_t-mobile_nt_130327_wgIn the plan, you can notice the sentence “New Activators Only”. This doesn’t mean that you need to be new to T-Mobile in order to switch to it. If you are already a T-Mobile user, you can to switch to this plan, it but it’s still unknown if you can keep your old number. You can go to your local T-Mobile retail store for more information, or you can call customer service for more details.

So, if you have any particular need for having more data or family package maybe there are some more useful plans out there. But, T-Mobile has something really useful to offer in these no-contract pre-paid plans and you will not be wrong if you choose any of them. By the way, in these plans you will get support for any phone that you are using and great coverage if you are placed somewhere in the U.S area. With these low priced plans, T-Mobile has definitely made some changes that will bring them step closer to the other bigger carriers.

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