Intel Testing New 4th Gen Quad Cores: Improvements to Be Noted

Alex Bezeau June 4, 2013 1
Intel Testing New 4th Gen Quad Cores: Improvements to Be Noted


We have already mentioned something about the new and improved Intel Haswell processor chips that will be manufactured by Intel and released this year. Well, they were tested and gave a better performance and greater battery life. Reportedly, these chips are quad-core versions of these new Haswell or next-gen Core i-series.

This is good news for the shoppers when it comes to PC or laptops. This means that the next laptop device you may buy during the summer will include this powerful and new Intel Haswell quad-core processor. Some analysts have already said that this is not what they have expected from it, but to be honest, I believe many will be satisfied by the new performance. If you notice this processor chip on your device, it means that you will get the faster application running performance and greater battery life. When you are out shopping for PC or laptop, don’t get confused by the same i3, i5, i7 names because these will remain the same but will get the new and improved quad-core Haswell chip. I mean, what else you will need from a computer that performs better than the old one?

intel4thcore1-580-75Don’t be surprised to see that this new faster processor along with the faster graphic card, will bring you the performance you have never experienced before on the previous generations. When tested, these upgraded Haswell chips gave great improvement results, and we are pleased to tell you that these future chips will give you a better gaming performance, as well. The gamers who are reading this must be smiling right now because Intel has made something that will bring their games to another level. And when this processor gets mixed with the right graphic card, it would be really hard to take your eyes and hands away from it.


Many reviews fired straight to the battery life that was a pretty a big disappointment in many quad-core laptops. And we agreed that all the future processor generations must do something to improve this. Intel has promised that the devices that will be using this version of quad-core processor chip will gain the much-desired, better battery life. We could notice that next week the new laptops will be launched with this 4th generation Core i-series from Intel. All the computers will be presented on the Computex trade show that is scheduled to take place next week.

Knowing Intel’s past, we are not extremely surprised by this new processor chips. Just the opposite – we expect a lot from them. The quality and performance have never been a problem for them, and any device that was powered by Intel’s chip processors has been introduced to be ‘real beast’. I believe that this time, we will be experiencing some slight improvements, which will bring some huge difference when working or playing on our 4th generation Haswell chip based laptop or PC. Follow us in the next period, and we will bring you all the analysis and reviews for devices that will feature this Intel chip.

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