Prices Over EBook to Be Addressed in Court Between DOJ and Apple

Sara Cunningham June 5, 2013 1
Prices Over EBook to Be Addressed in Court Between DOJ and Apple

It seems that Apple just can’t stay out of the court, and another appeal has been filed against this company at the Department of Justice. The trial is scheduled to start Monday as Apple is sued trying to collaborate with a couple of publishers for fixing the e-books prices.

App_wwdcpreview2012_610x426As it was reported, this lawsuit has involved 5 other publishers, and they have settled with the DOJ, but Apple is left aside on its own to deal with the already messed up situation.

The whole thing started back in April last year when Apple and 5 other e-book publishers have been accused of joining forces for bringing Kindle e-book reader down by setting digital book prices. This means that Apple and publishers have made a deal to increase the price of the e-books by $3 to $7 on the market. After this, Amazon was forced to increase its e-books prices, too. Now, DOJ is suing Apple for causing this situation which made people pay millions of dollars for these e-books that they normally had to pay.

As it was expected, Apple responded negatively on this saying that there wasn’t such thing as conspiracy for setting the e-book prices. But this doesn’t prove that this didn’t happen. As I’ve said earlier, the publishers who were involved in this case all settled with the court including Macmillan, Pearson’s Penguin, Simon & Schuster, News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group.

DOJ doesn’t want to take Apple’s money. Instead, they are forcing Apple to admit this and to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This can ruin Apple’s reputation and can jeopardize some other operations at the company and can bring bigger supervision over all deals and affairs that Apple will do or has been doing until now. It’s calculated that this trial will last for a month giving both sides around 30 hours to present their cases.

An interesting fact is that this trial wouldn’t be decided by a jury. Instead, a Court District Judge will bring the decision. The name of this Judge is Denise L. Cote, and it’s been said that she assisted in many cases in the Criminal Division at DOJ. This is not good news for Apple because Judge Cote has said that she believes all the evidence will show that Apple is guilty of forcing the publishers for price fixing. Few days ago, we’ve heard that Tim Cook said they had no plans for settling because they haven’t done anything wrong. He added that they have rejected an offer to settle that has been made by the Government.

Apple’s attorneys have to prepare a pretty strong case for this lawsuit because as it seems, DOJ has some really good evidences that enable them to make Apple look guilty in front of the court. The trial is nearly a week from its start, and we will update you with all the information right after all this is done.

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