Apple Aims for Fall Release for the New Mac Pro

Jasmina Lozevska June 5, 2013 2
Apple Aims for Fall Release for the New Mac Pro

Many rumors have been aimed towards Apple’s mobile devices right before the developers’ event, which is starting a week from now. This event could bring some new devices and features, plus the most rumored iRadio music streaming service. The latest speculation gave us something else to believe in, which we didn’t expect to happen so early this year.

10macpro_hero688We’ve heard some promises made earlier by Apple that the developers are working hard for bringing innovations to this Mac Pro PC this year and probably, it will be set for launch by the end of 2013. This rumor says that we will have a much improved, new version of the Mac Pro. Lou Borella started this “buzz” with a post on its Facebook group that has been Mac Pro-related. He shared few details that, according to him, are coming from some reliable sources.

So this is what Lou has posted on his Facebook group:

The new Mac will be completely redesigned, and it will be released this fall. The Firewire 800 and optical drive features will be missing. But it will have a dual GPU support and support for three monitors. It could be Thunderbolt reliant, and it won’t include internal expandability. He added that if you want to get the most of your new Mac Pro you just need to forget what your older machine can do and focus towards this new computer. These details are bringing the next Mac Pro step closer to the Mac Mini specs that Apple hasn’t changed them from its beginning, and yet it’s still successful on the market.

Borella has brought up a good point in his report. Without internal expandability, this project will be brought one level lower assuming that Apple will not offer replaceable parts like it has been doing over the past years. It’s really difficult for users to find all the proper parts to upgrade its computer. Anyways, latest Apple projects have been manufactured with reduced parts only to get them smaller, lighter and slimmer. But when we talk about desktop computers, it’s easy to open it and make adjustments by yourself.

Many online stores have made the old version of the Mac Pro listed as “out of stock” or “backordered” which is just another indication that maybe this rumor is true. This is not the only machine that is scheduled for launch. Recently we’ve made a report that several rumors are saying MacBook Pro and MacBook Air might be launched at this year’s WWDC. So, maybe this event will be the breaking point when Apple will clear the air and announce that this new Mac Pro will be released by this fall.

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