The Lowdown on the New 4th Generation Intel Haswell Processors

Alex Bezeau June 5, 2013 0


We have already mentioned this new Haswell chip processor made by Intel several times in our reports, and it’s time to introduce it to you. These new processors are yet to prove what they are capable of, and we expect them to be included in the next devices which are scheduled for launch. It will go under the Core i-family processors. Let’s break them down for you. imagesIf you were wondering about the name, Haswell is just a code name that will represent this new 4th generation processors. Intel has announced that the chips will come in many versions: processors aimed just for tablets, Ultrabook with longer battery life and lower power efficiency processors, dual-core processors, and desktop quad-core processors. The next computers which will feature this Haswell processor chip will be expensive but for your money, you will get high-performance beasts that you have never experienced before. Because all the processors now are named Core i3, i5 and i7, there is no Haswell sign anywhere on your product, so cancel the search for it right from the start. Make sure that after the i3 or i5 sign the next number starts with the number 4. This number represents the 4th generation processors. After the number, there will be a letter that represents the classes of the processors that are PC based. H – High-end processors (quad-core) M – Mainstream processors (quad-core and dual-core) U – Ultrabook with lower-power efficiency Y – super-low-power hybrids and tablets It’s kind of confusing, but when you go shopping make sure you wrote down these letters in order to purchase the device that meets your criteria. These new dual-core processors will bring you an improved battery life and better graphic performance than their predecessors. According to Intel, they will be faster than its predecessors, which will bring the gaming experience to a new level. Well, Haswell processors will handle all the games a lot better and will bring you much improved graphic quality. But be aware that these integrated Intel graphic cards will not be as good as those made by AMD and Nvidia. Additional features will be included in these new processors which will bring some difference into the Ultrabooks. Next generation Wi-Di 4.1 will be built in these processors. This represents the wireless display tech that is able to transfer video and sound when connected with a monitor or TV. In order to use it, you will need to find an adapter that is compatible with Wi-Di tech. If you put your Ultrabook to sleep and you need to wake it up later, Haswell has a feature that reduces the time of waking up. It has been calculated that your Ultrabook will need less than 3 seconds in order to be available for using again. The price for computers that will include these processors isn’t known yet, but some rumors are saying that it will depend on the manufacturer. The most speculated price for the dual-core Haswell processor powered devices will be around $400 for the first devices. If you can’t decide if you want to wait a little bit longer for computers that will include these Haswell chips or you should buy a PC now, my advice is to wait. If you want a great battery life and really good graphics, then you should spend your money on something that will represent the future. In fact, newer hardware means keeping a track with the updates. It has been speculated that Intel will make the processor chips for Apple’s devices, and these Haswell processors might be included into the future MacBooks. WWDC event is just around the corner and maybe there, we will find out if they will be included. We have already heard speculations that new upgraded MacBook Pro and MacBook Air versions will be launched at this event.

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