Prices for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Announced

Jasmina Lozevska June 6, 2013 2
Prices for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Announced

It’s official: The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have simultaneously been launched, and both Microsoft and Sony have plans for their newest video game consoles to hit the market soon. Although we know all of the specs, the thing that remained unknown and concerns gamers a lot is – the price.

xbox-one-vs-ps4But that has just become history because one analyst has a great theory of the potential cost of these two awesome gaming consoles. We saw the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4 earlier in February, and the Xbox One from Microsoft was launched just few weeks ago. These two platforms are representing the future of the gaming experience.

These two gaming consoles are scheduled to be released for sales at the end of this year, and some rumors are saying that Sony targets the holiday month. According to Michael Pachter, who calculated the potential prices, this PS4 could cost $349. The Xbox One will eventually come at the same time, and you will be able to buy it for $399.

Pachter made these calculations based on the cost for all the materials that were needed to manufacture the gaming consoles. In his report, Pachter mentioned the prices of the previous models; the Xbox 360 cost $399 back in 2005. This gave them a large boost of becoming the best-selling console in U.S. The PlayStation 3 was selling for $599, and that didn’t go quite well in the battle for the first market spot.

This analyst also believes that, because of the many features which are included in these consoles, Microsoft and Sony might even consider giving small discounts. This would be a reasonable move for making because the Xbox One includes watching live and satellite television, which is convenient for some cable companies to take their part into this gaming console. It would look like – a carrier offering a smartphone with a two year deal and reduced price of the device.

We know that Sony PlayStation 4 doesn’t offer as much as Xbox One, but Sony can offer reduced prices for those who will subscribe to its PS Network. But, on the conference after the PS4 unveiling, Sony has said that more features will be part of this console in the next period. This can open a great chance for making an additional discount plan.

Pachter mentioned the third big player, Nintendo, for cutting the prices of the previous devices for the holidays. This company has released the latest gaming console last year and according to some reports Nintendo has rushed its product’s release. The price cut shouldn’t be more than $50 for Microsoft and Sony’s previous consoles, but Nintendo is expected to reduce the prices up to $99.

So far, Microsoft and Sony have declined to post any official comments on this report.


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