Windows RT Tablets Finally Getting Outlook

Alex Bezeau June 6, 2013 0


Windows RT tablets are finally getting outlook- just another update that Microsoft is making in order to take Windows one step farther. Windows RT tablet users will be able to use the e-mail platform later this year when the new update arrives. According to the Micosoft, Outlook will be also be included in  the newest version of Windows- Windows 8.1, also known as Windows Blue.

microsoft-surface-with-windows-rtOutlook 2013 RT will be launched as a free update for all tablets that running the pla form and that use the Windows RT. This was announced at the Computex event that recently took place in Taiwan. When this OS was launched, every Office part was supported, but there was no sign of Outlook. This was  reason enough for some not to buy it, because if you work with e-mails nonstop, Outlook is the best application that you can use for that purpose. Before this, many rumors have been swirling about Outlook becoming available  to  Windows RT users. We certainly didn’t hold our breaths on it, however it has just been speculation until now.

More about the system properties

This Outlook 2013 RT will have some different options than the ordinary Outlook 2013 version did. On this RT version, you will not be able to use the Visual Basic and capabilities for data loss. Group Policy Objects will not be included either, and developers will suffer more due to this decision by Microsoft. Outlook 2013 RT won’t support Lync video instant message software and video conferencing because it needs Windows 64-bit version in order to work.

This RT version will be specifically built for touch-screen computers. Microsoft’s rep in the report has said that it will have a simple interface with most of the features right on reach or just one tap away. You will be able to see the contacts and calendar entries without switching the tabs. A new update is scheduled to be released in a week from now. This update will include new hotkeys that will bring concessive use of some functions. The details about this will be uncovered later this week as the company promises a new, easier experience with the Surface tablets.

This shows that Microsoft is preparing for the future quite well and is ready for the bigger challenges. There is no doubt that it’s working hard to prove they can still be competitive on the tablet market. The previous updates and these upcoming new features will definitely increase the demand of the users. But, this is only on paper, we will see how they will perform when we will be able to use them.

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