Half the Population in United States Owns Smartphones

Jasmina Lozevska June 7, 2013 1
Half the Population in United States Owns Smartphones

Yeah, this is just one of the many things that indicate the huge number of people that use a smartphone. For the first time ever, we have information that proves that half of the population in America uses smartphones. You can guess between which smartphones they choose from, but we will tell you anyway. U.S. citizens tend to choose between iPhones and Android smartphones.

This information comes from research that was made by the Pew Research Center and as it seems, there is an increased demand for smartphones. According to this project, 56% are now proud smartphone owners and in future, we can expect an even higher percentage. This percentage is taken from 91% of the people who are using a cell phone and 36% of them are owners of some kind of feature phone.

Younger people are the biggest consumers of  smartphones. 80% of the owners are teenagers and it seems that this habit has transferred to their parents. Because older people are also switching their feature phones for the upgrade to smartphones. This report shows that a year ago, smartphones were used by 13% of these people aged at 65 and older, but now this percentage is increased up to 18.


I’ve mentioned that Android devices and iPhones are preferred, but Android is slightly ahead of Apple’s smartphones. 28% are Android smartphone owners and right behind them is the iPhone with 25% owning it. BlackBerry is third with 4% and Windows noticed 1%. According to this report, those who have higher monthly income choose to buy the iPhone, and those who can’t afford it are replacing it with Android based smartphones.

This survey was accomplished using both Spanish and English language and around 2,200 adults were interviewed. This survey took place from April 17 to May 19 this year.

This information should not surprise anyone at all.In fact some may even expect an even higher percentage of smartphone users. However, Microsoft must do something with their smartphones in order to attract the customers to buy it. Nokia Lumia running on Windows Mobile OS will likely make some changes because it’s off to a good start but we’ll see if this 1% gets changed in the next year. I’m sure that iPhone and Android smartphones will stay on the top as leaders, but maybe there will be some change on 3rd and 4th place as the other smartphone users step up to the plate.

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