Service Outages Reported in North and South America for Netflix Streamers

Alex Bezeau June 7, 2013 1
Service Outages Reported in North and South America for Netflix Streamers


Netflix is known as a streaming company that rarely has issues which outages that cause the streamers inconvenience. We haven’t heard a problem coming from Netflix for quite some time. A notably serious issue has happened yesterday and the subscribers living in South America were left without their favorite movies and TV shows. This has caused several reactions among the millions of users in that area but we are sure that everything is okay now and the streaming service is running smoothly, as it always does.

This service outage started at 6:45 p.m. PT and affected not only South America, but several complaints were noticed coming from the Northern area, too. Joris Evers was the responsible party for giving explanation from Netflix and he said that the company is aware of the existence of this problem and their engineers are already in the field fixing it.

Later on, Netflix has posted a tweet on its official Twitter account thanking all the customers for the reports and adding they were working hard to resolve everything that prevented the service from streaming. This same problem occurred on Christmas Eve and brought down the streaming service for a few hours. There aren’t any details of what caused the issue that disrupted the popular streaming service this time, and it is obvious that this company always does everything that’s in their power to fix things.



Later that evening, Netflix posted another tweet on the page saying that they are close to fixing the problem and the system will be running again very shortly. These things can happen to every company that is in the streaming business. This doesn’t mean that Netflix is falling down, but it means that maybe something disrupted the signal. The important thing is that everything is back on track now and the users from both North and South America can enjoy again in their TV shows and movies.

As a matter of fact, Netflix is doing just fine doubling its mobile share for the past 12 months. It was said that this company rules 1/3 of the internet usage and there is nothing that could stop them from going further ahead. It’s calculated that Netflix owns 32.3% of the downstream traffic in North America and this percentage is huge when compared with the other service or site. As you can see, there is nothing to worry about. You just need to sit back and enjoy the things this service provides you and understand that glitches can always occur.

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