Game Sales and Connectivity Restricted for Xbox One Players

Jasmina Lozevska June 8, 2013 0
Game Sales and Connectivity Restricted for Xbox One Players

The Xbox One was revealed few weeks ago and at first glance, it was so cool that every gamer wanted to own it. Then some information on the event have made all the gamers around the world post their disappointment. I’ve read some report that was quite truthful about the whole thing – saying that the developers in Microsoft working on this gaming platform did an amazing job for all of the  features, except for the gaming experience. It seems that the gaming performance and quality have remained untouched. And after this, some additional restrictions are following this new Xbox One.

As it was announced by Microsoft, game disc resales are forbidden and every gamer will be required to perform a check-in on daily basis. Having this in mind, all the people who are going to buy this new Xbox One will experience some new restrictive rules when game discs are in question. When this console is released at the end of this year, Microsoft will let the publishers of the games to set their ground rules when reselling their games to all the retailers. Microsoft has explained this move by saying that Xbox One is designed for all the publishers could allow you to trade all of your games to all retailers that will participate in this console. Fees will not be charged to the retailers and even to the publishers for transferring of the games.

According to the company’s announcement, users can share their titles with friends without any additional fee. But there is a slight background to all of this. If you want to share a game with your friend using Xbox One, your buddy must be on your “Friends List” 30 days or more so that you can perform this transfer. And yes, you can give a game only once per game.


Some gamers have voiced discontent about the constant connectivity requirement. But don’t worry, Microsoft has an answer for that, too. If you want to play a game offline, you will be enabled to do that for up to 24 hours. However, there are no details when this period will restart and when you will be able to play offline again when you reach the limit. Everybody waited Microsoft to answer these two questions that was repeated over and over again and to be honest, I felt a bit bored hearing it all the time. Some gamers even felt frightened that Microsoft will use the console to check upon them if they have bought the game legally. Until now, there is no such thing and maybe in near future this will be the next big issue that will make the gamers restless.

Some other details about the Xbox One privacy were announced. Microsoft has said that the new Kinect motion sensing feature has appeared as a problem for many of them. This new system will be able to hear only the command “Xbox On” and what follows after that. And if the gamers want this system to be disabled all they need to do is turn it off.

There is no doubt that these restrictions about the reselling of the games will do well for the publishers who are not receiving even a penny from this transfer. Now, all the gamers finally know what to do with their old games and no one could expect a decision worse than this. We will keep our eyes open for new updates about this as they follow. As we reported a few days ago, the Xbox One will be ready to hit the market by the end of this year with a predicted price of $399.

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