Quarter 2 Expected to Bring 500K New Customers to ATT

Heidi Speare June 8, 2013 0
Quarter 2 Expected to Bring 500K New Customers to ATT


ATT, along with some other major carriers in U.S, are leading the way in their market area. We already know that this company is getting some serious revenue numbers from all the customers that are using this network. But, lots of improvements are promised from ATT in the near future. This comes right after this company  made a decision to eliminate some of their GoPhone prepaid plans.

In the future period, this company believes that it will increase both TV and Internet growth. All of this will be noticed at the end of this Q2. Compared with the last result from last year, ATT expects 2% growth of its revenue and $1 billion cash money gathered from America Movil sale plus the YP Holdings distribution. But that’s not all. 500,000 new subscribers to its mobile network in the quarter are expected to come, too. This is perhaps a little bit too optimistic but when it comes to AT&T, everything is possible. There are no details in the statement in which area- these new customers are expected to show up.

We will see if these predictions are right when this company releases the total earnings July 23.

Just for a comparison, ATT in Q1 has noted $3.7 billion as net income and this is slight improvement from a year ago. But the revenue suffered a slight hit to $31.4 billion down 1.4% from last year. But everything still looks perfect, even with these numbers because 296,000 new subscribers began to use its postpaid plans. During this Q1, 1.2 million users switched to using smartphone plans. Now smartphone sales are netting 88% of the postpaid handsets.



If the add to this that ATT now covers 261 US markets with its 4G LTE network, I understand the optimistic expectations by this carrier. And plus, we’ve heard another report saying that this carrier will eliminate a few GoPhone prepaid plans and in near future, it will offer some new and updated plans. All we need to do now is wait for July  to see if these predictions will come to fruition. Until then, we will provide you updates for everything that involves this US carrier.

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