Some Data Plans for AT&T GoPhone to Be Nixed

Sara Cunningham June 8, 2013 0
Some Data Plans for AT&T GoPhone to Be Nixed

We heard some rumors that AT&T will make some changes in its data plans but however, it wasn’t expected that some plans will be eliminated. AT&T gave hope to all the GoPhone customers saying that in near future there will be some new and improved plans for them. These plans will be nixed June 20.

In the statement, AT&T explained that these changes are being made in order to simplify their offer and to meet the criteria of the customers in the future plans. The carrier did a good job informing all the customers for this change before making the step. Details about the upcoming plans haven’t been revealed but according to some sources, these details will be launched very soon.

The plans that will be eliminated are:

  • The monthly plan for $25 that includes 250 min of voice calls had an option for you to add 50MB for $5, 200MB for $15 and 1GB for $25. After June 20 when these changes will occur, there will be only the $5 option left which I suppose will make some smartphone users angry and maybe some of them will switch to other carrier. This plan includes unlimited SMS also.
  • $50 plan that includes unlimited SMS and voice calls minutes has additional plans like the previous plan. After the changes, these add-on plans will not be available for the users anymore.


The plan that will be left as an option is the $65 plan. It includes unlimited SMS and voice calls plus 1GB data. For all the customers that were using these plans that are about to be eliminated – this is the best they can get while waiting for the other promised plans to occur. This is a result of some attempts by the carrier to get close to the prepaid customers and to respond to their needs. It has lot a work to do with the future plans that this company needs to offer to please all the customers of the network. We all have some feeling that every carrier out there is focusing into contract signing plans and the prepaid users are kind of left aside. But it’s not their fault that the whole wireless industry is heading towards these contract plans.

This GoPhone service comes with limited phone selection. Recently, another prepaid service was launched called Aio Wireless that offers only the iPhone for $650. The competition in these no-contract plans is huge. A few months ago, T-Mobile began offering some really attractive prepaid offers and it seems that it’s the only carrier out there that focused more on no-contract plans. Sprint also has some impressive offers through Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile units. We will see which new plans will be brought after June 20.

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