Apple May Not Debut iPad Mini Retina Early Next Year, but an iPhone 6 Is In the Works

Jasmina Lozevska June 9, 2013 1
Apple May Not Debut iPad Mini Retina Early Next Year, but an iPhone 6 Is In the Works

As we are getting closer to the summer, Apple-related rumors are getting more and more ground on the web. We have kept our eyes on the previously rumored iPad Mini 2 with Retina display that will hit the market this year, but new reports show that we are not going to see that happen. I can say that this slightly disappointed me, but this same report shows that the new and bigger iPhone 6 will come out next year, which consoled me a bit.

The report comes from Citi Research and this company already made couple of predictions for Apple’s future plans. Along with this information, the report shows that the next gen iPhone 5S will be delayed for a couple of weeks. Citi Research didn’t share any details about what will evoke this delay and perhaps very soon, we will know for sure what is going down there at Apple’s headquarters. For now, Apple has not responded to this rumor whatsoever.


At the end of it, the new iPhone 6 was mentioned. It’s expected to be revealed in the first quarter of 2014 and to feature a bigger screen. The analysts have said that we can expect a 4.8-inch display which will meet the criteria of those who want iPhones and bigger screens. If we take this for granted, the next iPhone 6 will challenge the 5-inch screen Samsung Galaxy S4 and the other bigger screened smartphones.

Citi Research said that next year we will have the new iPad Mini with Retina display and it’s expected to have a 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution. The price will be approximately $250 and according to them, it will definitely be worth the money.


We already have reported on numerous rumors that have said we are going to witness the new iPad Mini with Retina display this year by some other research companies. NPD DisplaySearch has posted some reports that the production of this new iPad Mini 2 will start in July and we could expect it to be revealed by September. Earlier this week, Digitimes said that the production of this tablet will be delayed until November.

Apple’s will start few days from now and maybe at this event we will receive some official details about the upcoming new devices from this company. I’m expecting some new features to be launched and maybe the new A7 processor along with the iOS7 will be the main characters at this developers’ meeting. We will give you full report after the end of this event.

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