Poll Reveals Young Adults Love Google

Alex Bezeau June 9, 2013 1
Poll Reveals Young Adults Love Google


What we have here is the results of  a very interesting survey that is based on the reputation between three big companies we hear about constantly. Many young adults were questioned which company they liked most – Facebook, Google or Apple. All the adults were aged between 18 and 29 years and yes, Google won the poll. This survey was made by Washington Post.

94% of the adults chose Google, the second place goes to Facebook with 75% and last comes Apple with 71%.

When it comes to older groups of people, Google is still on the top with 83% of the people that participated in the survey. But we have change in spots between Apple and Facebook. Now, in this case, Apple is second with 72% and Facebook is third with %60. This is quite similar to what we had last year. Back then, Google was first with 82%, Apple with 74% and Facebook was on the last spot with 58%. These results were collected via phone from May 29 to June 2 and around 1,000 young adults were questioned. According to the poll, the error margin is +/- 3.5% points.



Google has obtained its great reputation over the years and a few years in a row, it’s on the first place on the list. It has great rating across all ethic and age groups. The lowest rating comes from those who are aged over 65. But, Apple was huge hit among the younger people because last year they had 81% favorable rating and this year this company fell down on 71%. Facebook may be a bit disappointed with this result because if the younger 13-18 age group was included into this survey then there is no doubt that Facebook could have bigger favorable percentage.

This comes as good news because the attention was turned to the Google Glass and recent event Google I/O. Apple has even bigger problems than we have imagined and this survey didn’t come in the right time for this company. Plus, Apple has some business to take care of in court. But the biggest question is: Where is Microsoft in the whole story? Without any disrespect of the company but as it seems, younger people are not even considering Microsoft as contender anymore.

Apple 2

This survey only confirms what we thought and plus, it confirmed the results from last year. If you ask me, Google will lead the way in future, as well. Maybe Facebook will mess things up in the reputation ranking list, because Facebook is a company that continues to be more and more popular among younger folks.

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