Video Junkies Must Have ShowYou

Sara Cunningham June 9, 2013 0
Video Junkies Must Have ShowYou

This application will bring you all the videos from several sources. ShowYou is an app that will do the sorting for you and it has a quite awesome and easy-to-use interface that will let you choose the videos with just one tap. However, the developers didn’t include a history feature or video queue.

This is a must-have application if you are a video addict and I promise you that you will love it from the very first moment you see it and start using it. It offers some interesting content that is all over the web, but is packed in one single app.

When you launch the app, it will prompt  you to create a Showyou account and it will offer you to connect it with few social networks. If you connect all your social network accounts, this application will bring you loads of content. This application is a social network itself, because it enables you to follow other users of this app. Of course, the social network synchronization is helping this app to collect all the videos and to show you people you are following.

On the left side of the menu, you can find all the category lists which are made just to collect all the featured videos for you to find them easy. There is even a possibility to follow some channels like we are doing now with “subscribe” on YouTube. I spend a few hours of watching videos that I’ve never watched and once you start using this app, you will feel like it’s a never-ending story.


The home screen shows all the videos that are shared from your followed friends through the social networks and plus those that you are following through this application. You can post comments, tag them as favorites or share your video material.

It’s completely different than other video content application and I got a feeling that is much easier to handle, too. But first you got to get used to it. Maybe the first time will be a bit strange but later on you will be amazed by it.

The app has a sliding navigational menu which is placed on the left and you can access your profile on the right side. It has Refresh and Search options which facilitate the using of this app even more.

You will feel some difficulties because as we said, there is no video queue or history place. If you open up a video and then you want to see what you have watched you must search for it again. And in my opinion, the video queue is the most important feature that one video app must have. If I’m on the go and I choose to open the app to see what’s new there, I can’t create a list of videos that I want to watch later. Maybe in future updates we will get these features, but for now, enjoy all of the things that are currently available in the ShowYou app.

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