Google and Apple Tablets Not Good At Enabling Writing

Jasmina Lozevska June 10, 2013 0

Both Google and Apple are doing a great job when it comes to producing tablets. We can agree that tablets are the next big thing that are taking over the tech world and replacing traditional laptop computers.

However, both high end tech Company’s tablets seem to have some flaws. For instance, the writing experience on both Google and Apple tablets is not satisfying. Users claim there is much to improve when it comes to using tablets or writing purposes.

Customers that use these tablets for writing purposes are having difficulties while writing. We expected the latest tablet models to bring a somewhat different or at least easier experience when it comes to writing but instead, we saw something else. The Nexus 10 is a great tablet and it’s also thinner and lighter than the Apple’s iPad 4. It’s a matter of personal preference which tablet you think is best for your purposes, but both offer about the same features and performance.

Tablet users are always biased in opinion when it comes to which tablet is better or which of  company outdid  the other when it comes to hardware and software features. Any device will meet you criteria and can satisfy your expectations, if you choose the right one wisely and carefully. But all of this is irrelevant to me- when it comes to writing. The reason that the process of selecting the right tablet is very complicated for me is that my job requires a lot of writing. To be honest with you, I kind of find tablets really tough to deal with in lieu of their usability for writing purposes.

Of course, they can’t replace laptops in this area by any means, but I have been wanting to find an alternative that would enable me to  use my laptop less. But, before I get rids of my laptop, I have to make certain that a tablet provides me with quality performance as a writing tool. Disappointingly, for now this is not going to happen at all.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, take the cursor placement method for word processing as an example. Sometimes, you are not able to place the cursor right with your finger. On laptops, we use the touch-pads while doing that and the process is much more precise and easy to perform.  I’ve used both iOS and Android platforms and for me the cursor placement is easier to handle on the iPad than on some Android-based tablet. Because of the great touch-screen feature, the iPad is doing a slightly better job with the magnifying of the area where we want to place the cursor. Android tablets are doing the same thing, but aren’t as precise as the iPads.

Some ordinary functions like Copy or Cut are so much easier to use on  iPads, too. There is an Undo option, which Android tablets don’t have- but the using of cut and copy options on the Androids are almost exact as the iPad’s.

Regarding all of this, you will notice that I’m more of an iPad fan when it comes to the writing experience concretely. I’m not saying that the Android tablets (for ex. Nexus 10) will not perform wel for youl, I’m just giving my very own opinion on the subject.

It’s totally up to you which tablet you decide to choose for your own daily writing tasks. You can even own both of the most popular tablets and get the best of both worlds. Still, I have to add that both companies are capable of doing more when it comes to providing a premium user writing experience. But for now, I’m willing to  give it some more time until I do away with my laptop permanently.

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