Mac OS X 10.9: The Changes We Hope Apple Makes

Alex Bezeau June 10, 2013 0
Mac OS X 10.9: The Changes We Hope Apple Makes


Just one day left before the start of this year’s WWDC event held by Apple and predictions about what will happen there can be found in every inch of the web. New updated version of the Mac OS X for developers is expected to be revealed tomorrow and there is no doubt that some new and great features will be presented. For this occasion, we’ve gathered some interesting predictions of what we can expect from Apple in this event regarding Mac OS X.

Before I start with the list, I want to mention that Apple is expected to present the Mac OS X 10.9 version and the codename is still unknown.

My personal favorite of all updates that are expected to be revealed is fixing the problem with the full-screen applications. The latest OS version, Mountain Lion, has brought full-screen apps feature that enabled you to maintain your focus without getting distracted from all the things that are running on your Mac.

But after using it for a week we could notice that there were some issues that were making things run not so smoothly. One of few problems occurs while working on full screen and if some alert is received suddenly your app is non-responsive. Whatever you try to do after that all you can hear is just one annoying beep signal. You need to minimize the full-screen mode in order to find that alert that is distracting you from doing your work. There have been several complaints for this and we are hoping that Apple has listened to all of them and fixed the problem.



Apple Maps integration in the Mac is another expectation for this new OS X 10.9. I know that some of you will find this feature useless on the Mac, but think of it like this: You are sitting home preparing for going on a trip and you find all the directions where you need to go on your Mac. Then, with easy sync mode you transfer those desired destinations and directions for them on your iPhone. It would be much easier to use the Apple Maps on a computer than on the iPhone.

The iOS personal assistant Siri is rumored to be included in this new Mac OS X version. With the previous OS X, Apple brought some optional dictation tools that were used for making your Mac experience easier and more useful. So, if we keep in mind that before Siri there was Voice Control included into the iOS, it’s more than a certainty  that we will see this personal assistant on our Macs. The biggest question about Siri is: What will be her role? – If this rumor happens to be true and Siri shows up as one of the big updates, I expect Siri to be of a huge help with organizing my Mac instead of me doing all the work. With Siri’s help, I will be able to do my own work while she is doing hers.

iCloud expansion is one of the many things you could list as “must” when it comes to OS X updates. More permission controls and sharing options are required for it. If this expansion happens, all the company employees out there will find it useful because giving a permission to an iCloud viewing material to a colleague is much quicker and useful than sharing it via e-mail or some other service. Along with this, there are some other options that will be added in order to make the iCloud more collaborative with your everyday tasks. There are some software applications that already do many of these things, but knowing Apple, it will most probably improve them with some easier and new features before making them part of their OS.

Apart from these, Apple is expected to bring many features that will help out the Mac experience. The Cupertino-based company has remained very secretive and  has not initiated any speculations that involves this conference. However, I’m sure that there will be a lot more than we imagined.  Along with this new version of Mac OS X, iOS 7 is expected to have its debut for developers along with some new hardware. We will bring you the full report of the features and hardware, right after this year’s WWDC ends. Until then, stay tuned.

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