Tomorrow Marks the 10th Annual WWDC Apple Conference: What Can we expect?

Heidi Speare June 10, 2013 0
Tomorrow Marks the 10th Annual WWDC Apple Conference: What Can we expect?


We mentioned this event couple of times in our earlier reports and just one day before it starts, it’s time to share our thoughts on what we should expect from it. This will be the 10th Annual WWDC held by Apple and it’s the first developer’s event after 7 months. As you already know, the expectations are high and everybody is excited to see what the Cupertino company has to offer. We’ve made a list of things that we expect to be revealed at this conference. But first, let’s see a retrospective of the past few WWDC events.

  • 2009 – Numerous software and hardware features were revealed but the biggest thing was the launch of the first “S” version of the iPhone smartphone – iPhone 3GS along with the new iOS 3.0. At this event, a 13-inch MacBook Pro was revealed, along with a 15-inch and 17-inch models and Safari 4 browser
  • 2010 – the iPhone 4 was revealed, Safari 5, iMovie for iOS, FaceTime service and iAds platform
  • 2011 – This WWDC event brought the iCloud, an iOS 5 preview and the price for the OS X 10.7 Lion
  • 2012 – Renewed Mac hardware, Retina display tech was introduced, MacBook Air and Pro with faster processor were announced, USB 3.0, the price for the new Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and sneak-peak of the new iOS 6

Let’s see all the predictions for this year’s WWDC event.

We heard that Apple is planning to release a brand new version of its operating systems for mobile and PC platform. iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 are expected to be released for the developers before the official launch for the public.  From previous experience, these OS versions will be in developer’s hands couple of months, before making their official debut. Here are some rumors of what these OS versions could bring:

iOS 7 could have:

  • Brand new interface. According to some sources, all the apps and features will remain the same but the interface will include a simple design.
  • Easier and more sharing tools. This feature has been rumored for quite some time now and it should enable all the users to swap data between devices using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Yahoo features. Few months earlier, a report suggested that Yahoo and Apple are in constant communication because they are working on some new services which could be part of this new iOS 7.

OS X 10.9 could bring:

  • Integration with Apple Maps
  • Siri
  • Full screen applications
  • Complete list of new features for multitasking

The rumors and speculations for this version of OS are rare. You can hardly discover anything that involves this Mac OS. Apple is doing a great job covering all their tracks when it comes to this OS.

Along with this OS updates, some new devices are set to be launched, according to some sources. Few weeks earlier, we had a report saying that new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will receive their next generation versions. Retina display tech is expected to be included into the Air and the Pro version, which are both expected to be slimmer and lighter. Some new improvements of the desktop computer version might be mentioned at this event, as well. Some speculators are saying that the Mac Pro will be completely redesigned and will be made similar to the Mac Mini version.



This event will be the perfect timing for debuting a new Thunderbolt display version. This is expected to happen because Apple has used this conference to bring updated display versions previously.

Some new services will definitely be launched here. There are strong suggestions that the music streaming service called iRadio will finally take its place in the market after this event. Apple has already made deals with several big music labels, such as Warner Music Group and Universal Music. Beside this, several sources are claiming that Apple is finalizing the deal with Sony. The iCloud is expected to get improved, as well. We have this platform for two years now and we can all agree that this is the right time for some improvements and fresh ideas.

And last but not least – opposed to some speculations that suggested we’ll be seeing a new iPad and iPhone version, the last thing we heard is that none of these devices will get revealed at this event. I know that Apple has used this conference for revealing devices in the past, several sources are now saying that these devices will be brought to the market with a short delay. We might expect these devices to be revealed in September and officially out on the market by October this year.

This 10th annual event will start tomorrow and we will post a detailed preview of what happened there after it ends. Until then, we’re leaving you with the list of things that we just might see tomorrow.

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