Apple’s WWDC Event Today: The Roundup

Heidi Speare June 11, 2013 2
Apple’s WWDC Event Today: The Roundup


This year’s annual WWDC event held by Apple has just happened and we couldn’t be more excited to give you the roundup of it. We’ve shown all rumors and expectations from this show and now it’s time to share what exactly happened there. This WWDC took place at Apple’s HQ at San Francisco starting at 10.00 am PT.

The biggest star at the show was the new Mac OS X which is now called Mavericks. It’s officially launched today for the developers and we will wait a little bit more to be released for the rest of us. This new OS X Mavericks has many applications, a notably improved battery and better power management. It will enable you to tag names in order to search them easily, plus it includes tabs into the Finder. Apple has include the ability for supporting multiply displays into it and it gave all the power users more multi-tasking options.

maverick apple os

Apple’s browser got an update, too. Safari will include a brand new home screen with some top sites. A new Reading list tool will enable all the users keep up with the news with scrolling down to all the big news from one site. As for the overall performance, it will have: Background tab optimization, a saving power feature, Nitro fast start and Nitro Tiered JIT.

Just like we predicted, Apple Maps got improved. Hard work had finally paid off, as Apple brought its maps on this new OS X and we honestly hope this service will meet users’ expectations. This new version includes 3D maps and it offers you a very precise calculation of the arrival time for any of the addresses in your calendar.



There has been a new MacBook Air revealed but those who waited a brand new MacBook Pro must wait a little bit longer. This new “11-inch Air” will be launched in the market for a price of $999 for the 128GB version and $1.099 for the version with 256GB. There is also a 13-inch variant, which comes in 128GB and 256GB versions. They will cost $1,099 and $1,299, respectively. The battery life on this new line of MacBook Air is extraordinary because it was said it could last an entire day.

Apple gave a sneak-peek of the next MacBook Pro. There weren’t any details shared about the official release date but with this, Apple has proved that it didn’t forget the Mac Pro computer users. It was said that the design will be cylinder-like and it will have a 12-core Intel Xeon processor chip. It will have support for three 4K screens. PCIe controller with 1.25Gbps reads and 1Gbps writes will be also included.

Beside the new OS X Maverick, the mobile OS platform has been introduced, as well. It’s called iOS 7 and from what we could see, it’s completely redesigned. Prepare yourselves iOS users – the new flat and crispy look has arrived. New adds, 3D effect and flat icons – the result is a very smooth-looking, elegant interface. The elements are now fancier than all of the previous versions ever produced.


The use of the Control Center is now far easier than before. All you need to do is swipe from the bottom up on the screen and you will see all the common used tools. There are some new multitasking features, too. There is a completely new way of browsing the active apps which show the current app state placed right on top of the app icon.

This is the first major redesign on the iOS since 2007. The beta version of the iOS is available from now on if you want to test it. Siri got updated with more voices along with a music streaming integration and in-car options. Now Siri can be used for completing even more activities and be of more help for the customers.

Last but not least, Apple has finally released its music streaming service. We all thought that it will be called iRadio but Apple has decided to call it iTunes Radio. After making deals with numerous major Music Labels, Apple has decided that WWDC is the perfect time for releasing its streaming service. With this, Apple has made the first step toward this market. It looks like it’s more than ready to take on the competition like Pandora or Spotify. The service will be tied up with iTunes and it will be built into the new iOS 7. It comes with support for Apple TV, iPod Touch, iPhone, PCs and Macs. It will have 100 stations which were built by Apple’s music team.

Stay tuned for more updates that will come right after the whole fuss calms down a bit. We’ll be more than happy to share some more thoughts on these innovations that would mean so much to iOS users.

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