Analysts report that iPhone History May be Impacted by New iOS 7 Changes

Jasmina Lozevska June 12, 2013 0
Analysts report that iPhone History May be Impacted by New iOS 7 Changes

Yesterday we saw Apple introducing some new features and hardware. Among these, a new redesigned iOS 7 has made its debut for the developers. We can see that notable changes were made and this is the first major makeover since 2007, when we first saw iOS. Right after the event, we could already hear some analysts sharing thoughts about this new OS platform.

Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, has said that this might be the most important thing for the future and it can change iPhone’s history. Some new mixed features and enhancements are included in it and there is no doubt that everybody will be excited to use Apple’s newest OS. There were numerous complaints for the monotone OS look but that is history now. Munster said that all the current and scheduled future iOS devices will have a brand new experience that will make most users think iOS is the best choice.

Munster added that the design is cleaner and smoother now and iOS 7 represents a new reason why the iPhone users will get excited again while using their devices. We saw some redesigned hardware specs but this is something else. Previous iOS versions are not even close to this one. He said that the interface redesign is something that could become old fashioned really fast, while the numerous new features are something that will last on a longer term. This new iOS 7 opens a possibility for new devices, such as the rumored iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini or Apple TV.


He also made some predictions for the future plans of Apple. He said that the iPhone Mini or the budget iPhone will make its debut in October and the Apple TV will be launched at the end of this year. An iPhone with a bigger screen will be brought up by Apple in 2014, as well as the iWatch.

After the first day of the event, we are all excited about the new look of iOS. There are still no details when it will be released for the users but you can test the beta version. There are many positive reports about iOS 7 and it seems that Apple chose the perfect time for releasing it. It was said that the iPad beta iOS 7 version will be available for testing few weeks from now.

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