E3 Conference Unveils Long Awaited PlayStation 4

Jaycee De Guzman June 12, 2013 2
E3 Conference Unveils Long Awaited PlayStation 4


Just like it was announced, Sony has unveiled its PlayStation 4 gaming console at the E3 Conference. As it seems, Sony has invested a lot of work making it with fewer restrictions than its biggest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One. The E3 event took place in Los Angeles yesterday and the president Andrew House has showed this future PS4. He announced that this device will be selling for $399.

An Internet connection will not be required while playing a game and instead of making gamers throw their old games, like Microsoft did, Sony has said that this device will support a secondary use of the games. It’s expected this gaming console to be officially out on the market by the end of this year. While unveiling this console, the president said gaming experience is now changed, thanks to the implementation of some new ways of playing and a brand new business models.

It’s worth mentioning that Sony has launched this new PlayStation back in February but waited for this E3 event to officially unveil the machine. The biggest headline was the announcement by Jack Tretton, who said that this device will allow the reselling of the already used games. In my opinion, this is a very smart step which will definitely make most gamers choose the PS4 over the Xbox One. He also mentioned that if you want to play a game offline, it won’t require from you to do a check in every day, which is also cool.

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Sony has announced that it has about 140 games in the development section while showing previews of some games.

This gaming console includes 500GB of internal storage capacity. It will be powered by an 8-core AMD processor and 8GB of RAM. It will be controlled by a slightly redesigned move controller. Other features which can be found on PS4 are: blu-ray support, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi support, HDMI, Real-time gaming via Ustream and etc.

Now the gaming market has officially become a real battlefield. The holiday month is that time of the year when both consoles will have their first touch with the market. The demand will increase at that point and we’ll be seeing a true battle between these two consoles. Xbox One was followed with some negative reviews and so far, the PS4 made better first impressions. I will not guess which one will be selling better but we will know for sure when the first numbers will come out after the end of the holiday month.


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