Pakistan to Ban Google Unless YouTube is Cleaned Up

Heidi Speare June 12, 2013 1


Google is about to face another ban but this time Google Glass isn’t involved. According to “The Times of India”, Pakistan’s IT minister has reported that if Google doesn’t remove all the irreligious and unpleasant material from YouTube, serious consequences will follow. According to the IT minister Anusha Rahman Khan, Pakistan will ban Google’s sites.

Khan expects a negotiation process where all of this will be cleared and both sides will reach an agreement. If they can’t negotiate, Khan said that Google will be replaced entirely with some other search engine which is available out there. Pakistan has banned YouTube in September last year when a video that insulted Muslims was shown on the site. This video contained the Middle East protests reacting at Innocence of Muslims which didn’t leave a great picture of the prophet Muhammad. This was not the first time that YouTube was blocked by the country. In 2008, Pakistan has chosen to set a ban on YouTube for a video that criticized the Islam. This service has big problems when it comes to removing abusive videos.



Pakistan had problems with other tech sites, too. Twitter and Facebook both received bans earlier. In 2012, Twitter was blocked because some caricatures were shared on the site of Muhammad. In 2010, Facebook was blocked because of a page that showed drawings of Muhammad. Khan added that the ban on YouTube will end if filters are added into the site for the Pakistan Area.

Khan is ready to spend some extra money if needed to bring YouTube back to this country without this abusing material. A couple of other countries have a filtered YouTube version and in near future, Pakistan can expect from Google to make one. Some sources said that localized version of YouTube is unavailable in Pakistan because the local laws require a lot of research that takes time and for this, so maybe some local content creators can help out.

Zeffri Yusof has said that a filtered YouTube version is available in 49 countries and when something abusive is reported, they react quickly in removing it. On these local versions, a more relevant content is offered that doesn’t break any law.

YouTube didn’t comment on this story for now but we expect something to be changed in near future. YouTube in Pakistan is banned 9-months now and if these requirements are allowed by the service, it can be free to run again.

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