Streaming Music Service iTunes Radio Finally Officially Announced at WWDC

Jasmina Lozevska June 12, 2013 0

On WWDC’s first day, Apple has launched the long waited music streaming service, simply called iTunes Radio. We all expected this to happen because previously Apple has made deals with couple of big music labels. The only expectation that was not fulfilled is that this streaming service isn’t called iRadio. iTunes Radio will be out and ready to take on the competition.

Eddy Cue was the person who showed this product while saying that this is the best music player ever made by Apple. It goes strictly towards taking on Pandora, the biggest music streaming service so far, with 70 million subscribers. Pandora is available in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. According to Eddy, iTunes Radio first will come out in the U.S, this fall. The other countries can expect it shortly after that.

It comes as a built-in feature in the iOS 7, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iTunes for PCs and Macs. It will include 200 stations which are built from Apple’s music team. The more you use it, it will tend to become better and better. You can follow all the Twitter trending music on it, as well.


With this, Apple is officially active in the music streaming business. This market is a bit crowded but it can make some room for another product. There are some great music streaming services there like Spotify and Pandora, which represent two of the best ways for accessing music anytime we want. Now Apple is on the verge of changing all that with its iTunes Radio. I’m only saying this because Apple had some busy time making deals with important music labels like Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal.

The deal with Sony Music was the latest Apple has made before releasing the iTunes Radio. Both companies have reached an agreement on Friday, as they struggled to do this because some details needed to be cleared. It seems that all of the work isn’t done yet. In the next period, Apple needs to make deals with all the publishers, but we expect this to be completed in no time.

We can’t forget to mention Google’s streaming service that has similarities to Spotify and it is called Google All Access. Another music service that will be closely tied up with YouTube is expected to be launched by Google.

The iTunes integration will give this streaming service an enormous boost because iTunes has already made quite an impact into the music market. All the iTunes subscribers will eventually use the iTunes Radio and that is a really big number of users right from the start.

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