MacBook Air Lacks Retina Display: But WHY?

Heidi Speare June 13, 2013 0
MacBook Air Lacks Retina Display: But WHY?


We all saw the MacBook Air revealed at WWDC and we expected the Retina display tech to be included. Instead, Apple chose not to do that for this version.

An analyst says that maybe Apple will wait a little bit longer to bring out a version with a Retina display later this year. And the reason why it hasn’t been included on this one is the increased battery life.

Sweta Dash, HIS Senior Director, said that all the other devices already include the Retina display but the power consumption is the biggest problem why Apple didn’t produce a Retina MacBook Air. Doubling a battery life and a Retina display are not getting along on a laptop that is thin as the Air, said Sweta.

This analyst has said Sharp showed an 11.6-inch Retina screen at a conference but the production will not take place at this time. The resolution which was shown on the conference was 2,560 x 1,440 and this is twice as much as the current pixel density on the MacBook Air. According to all the calculations, display as big as this one will drain the battery very fast. But there is a solution for this too. Japanese company found a way to make the high resolution displays drain less battery life. This technology is called IGZO. Sharp had already incorporated into its manufacturing method, LG and Samsung are trying to do the same thing.

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According to Dash, this technology needs time to be come closer to perfection and possibly to set some cheaper price tag. If the costs come down, Apple can use this tech without raising the price of its devices too much.

Sharp scheduled to produce these Retina displays this month but it will take time high-volume production to happen, so Dash said maybe at the end of this year we will have a Apple’s MacBook Air with Retina display that will cost nearly as much as this one.

I know that Retina displays are something that Apple needs to include into every new device. If you look closely, this new MacBook Air offers something that other laptops simply do not have. It’s such a powerful and perfectly designed thin machine that only Apple is able to manufacture. Plus, it will come with this new Mac OS X Maverick, which brings a handful of great new features for all the Mac devices. It’s definitely worth the money and if you ask me, I don’t miss Retina on this device at all.

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