All About the Newly Unveiled PlayStation 4

Alex Bezeau June 13, 2013 1
All About the Newly Unveiled PlayStation 4


We have already reported earlier that Sony has unveiled the newest PlayStation 4. Back in February, the original event took place in New York City where the PS4 got introduced. The event showed some details about the strategy, features and the new controller. The gaming console itself was not completely revealed.

In May, we saw some sneak-peek pictures of the system and finally, we saw the full version of it at the E3 show in LA.

If we talk about the design, the PS4 looks like an angled parallelogram and it has some similarities to the PS2. It has a “muscle” look but it’s really attractive. This fine looking black box will be a great fit alongside our TVs. On the side, you can notice the Blu-ray drive and three USB 3.0 ports, plus HDMI.



Under the hood, there is something that Sony really needs to be proud of. There is a 8-core AMD Jaguar processor with 1.84 AMD graphic engine. It includes 8GB of GDDR5 RAM memory and it comes with a 500GB storage capacity. The integrated AMD graphic and the processor are the same as the PC modern use. It will give you a great gaming experience and it’s definitely a lot better than its predecessor.

Speed background downloading is supported in this device and Sony has promised that you can even play the game while being downloaded.

The DualShock4 controller has been redesigned with a built-in touch pad. On the pictures, you can notice that it has a Share button and a microphone/headphone jack. It uses Bluetooth 2.1 connection with speed of 3Mbps. The touch pad supports two-finger touch and it’s clickable.

Back in February, Gaikai tech was rumored to take part at this new Sony PS4. It became a reality and now, you will be able to use the one-button broadcast option through the Share button. It is said that this is the first gaming console that uses this technology because PCs have already used similar tech as this one. Cloud streaming has also been teased as possible but for the next year. According to Sony, the gamers will use this cloud service for streaming all of their games. This service will make its debut in the U.S.


Unlike its bigger competitor, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 will support used games and you will not be required to verify your account every day online. Sony representative has said that when gamers buy a game, they will get full right over it and they would do whatever they want with it.

As an addition, PS4 will have a support for PSP service without increasing the initial price. Plus, the PS4 will have its own collection of games with some free games offered at the launch. These games will be offered through the PlayStationPlus (PSP) service and I have to admit, this is a very smart move by Sony.

At the event, Sony has said that the gaming experience will follow you everywhere you go and this means that support for tablets, phone and other Sony devices will follow.

At first glance, Sony PlayStation 4 surpasses the Xbox One. All the gamers out there are posting comments how Sony has made a great gaming console and that there will be definitely some changes out there on the market. But it’s too early to tell, we need to let them come out on the market first and then, judging by the performance, we will bring the conclusions. The PlayStation 4 will be selling for $399.

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