Sony PlayStation 4 Will Stream Video Games

Jasmina Lozevska February 18, 2013 0

Sony is unveiling a new gaming console on Wednesday and unsurprisingly and rumor has it we’re going to see other capabilities that Sony PlayStation 4 will feature.

Two days ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Sony is going to introduce video game streaming, alongside with its newest gaming console. The new technology that would enable the user to stream games to Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console will please many gamers.

The news about the streaming capabilities is still just a rumor that spread across the web a couple of days before the announcement of the brand new PlayStation 4 console. So, according to these rumors, PlayStation 4 users will be able to stream video games over the web. In addition, gamers would be able to enjoy existing game titles for the PlayStation 3 gaming console, so this would mean that the service is going to include older games. New games for the PlayStation 4 console are going to be available in the usual way, on discs. It is also important mentioning that the stream refers to high end video games that will be streamed directly from the cloud.


Sony Corp, has recently bought Gaikai, a cloud-based service that will enable Sony to incorporate the new feature on its next PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4.

The streaming capability is the hottest rumor that has intrigued many gamers and has made many of us anxious to see what Sony has to reveal in three days. We’re sure there’s a new PlayStation console to be introduced, but we’re hoping the rumors about the stream option will eventually turn out to be true.

Game streaming seems like an option that will, sooner or later be introduced on most of the gaming consoles, as it will play an important role in reducing game cost and therefore, attract more customers. However, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see what will actually happen.

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