Apple Making Plans for a 5.7-inch Large-Screen iPhone

Alex Bezeau June 14, 2013 1
Apple Making Plans for a 5.7-inch Large-Screen iPhone


Rumors about Apple making larger smartphones are all over the web and we’re already wondering what it will look like. Tim Cook has said a couple of times now that Apple has no intention of making a larger smartphone. This information comes from Reuters and according to them, Apple seriously plans to manufacture a larger phone for competing on the market with the Galaxy Note line by Samsung.

The same source had also added that Apple will launch 2 bigger iPhones next year. The first might be the already rumored iPhone 6 Math with a 4.7-inch display and the other one could include a 5.7-inch screen. According to the reports, suppliers already made some plans for ordering larger screens but this move is still uncertain. If this rumor happens to be true, Apple will take on Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which has a 5-inch screen and the Galaxy Note 2 that features a 5.5-inch screen.

Entering a market with a 5.7-inch screen device means it could be part of the phablet group. I certainly didn’t expect this move and I definitely can’t imagine an iPhone this big.

5.7-inch iphone

This isn’t the only rumor that currently involves Apple’s future. We already heard that Apple will introduce its low-cost iPhone Mini this fall and some sources even said that some parts are already shipping. Last week, we noticed a report saying that iPhone Mini will be available in few different colors. In addition, there is the rumor mentioning an iPhone Math, which will have larger screen, but we don’t know if Reuters was talking about the same device.

According to the same source, Apple is making plans to release its iPhone Mini for a price tag of $99. This move will help the company’s growth in specific markets, like those in India and China. Apple, as always, hasn’t said anything on this so far.

At the start of this week, we saw some great features released by Apple at the WWDC event. There wasn’t even a slight clue of which will be the next devices released by this company. One thing is for sure though, we will see the next-gen iPhone 5S by fall. With the new iOS 7 presented at this event, all future devices will look pretty good.

This move to produce bigger iPhone is something that most of the current iOS users expect. However, it will take time to get used to the new OS because it will look really odd at the beginning. Hopefully, most of us will like it better than the previous.

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