Is it the End of Next-Gen Gaming Consoles After Xbox One and PS4?

Jasmina Lozevska June 14, 2013 0
Is it the End of Next-Gen Gaming Consoles After Xbox One and PS4?

We saw the unveiling of the Xbox One and many of us weren’t impressed. After this, we hoped that Sony will bring something new and amazing with its PS4 but that didn’t happen, either. We saw gaming consoles that are meant for everything, except for playing games. At the end of the day, all we wanted was these gaming consoles to be futuristic and take us to another level of playing and experiencing games. I guess we just happen to expect too much.

Let’s take a look of the bigger picture here.

There is no doubt that Microsoft and Sony will put up a war on the battlefield because both consoles are well powered machines with processors, graphic cards and other features. However, it seems that the technology has evolved so fast and the machines that once represented a simple home game console can now do various operations. A few years back, we used the consoles only for gaming purposes and they required Internet connectivity. Now we moved into the world were these next-gen machines can stream video and game content through previously set cloud services, social networking and shopping has became interactive experience etc.

So, is this the end of next-gen consoles after Xbox One and PS4? – Let’s hope not.


The systems and games are heading in different directions. Just look at how people will respond when they use the consoles. They will connect streaming video content through some services like Netflix and will use it just for this. My point is, when you see that the hardware specs are expecting of you to do something else on it beside streaming video, the situation can get a bit confusing.

With Sony making its PS4 with streaming services like Gaikai and On Live, the company has moved its gaming tasks into the cloud server. It will broadcast the games live through Web browser or TV. However, it isn’t released and perfect yet because Sony has purchased Gaikai a year ago and it set the basis of streaming games in the PlayStation 4. We will have this online streaming cloud service in 2014.

With this, we can only hope that the gaming experienced won’t be extinguished when the next consoles will be launched. As the situation indicates, next-gen PS and Xbox will be similar to some streaming video console instead a machine made for games. For now, we have PlayStation 4 that is somewhat trying to stream some games, Nintendo Wii U that is far more behind these two, and Xbox One that is overprized and has so many restrictions that made all the gamers mad.

To see if I’m right, we need to wait for another 6 or 7 years. Until then, we can only hope for the best.

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