Will the New iOS 7 Spruce Your Dated iPhone?

Jaycee De Guzman June 15, 2013 2
Will the New iOS 7 Spruce Your Dated iPhone?


With the arrival of the new iOS 7, Apple gave all of its customers a redesigned OS that was the first major upgrade since 2007. To be honest with you, I’m loving it and I believe users with older iPhones are looking forward to seeing what this update has to offer.

At this point, many of the iOS fans can’t decide if buying the next-gen iPhone is worth it or the arrival of the new iOS will be complete refreshment for their dated iPhone devices. It’s difficult to make conclusions now because we are not familiar with the detailed list of specs of the new iPhone 5S (scheduled for a fall release).

Apple is not known as a company that makes big hardware changes during the productions their iPhones. That’s why the iPhone 4 and 4S have managed to stay in the market for so long and remain popular among customers. The biggest change was brought with the iPhone 5, which has a slightly improved processor and some other features, plus the 4G LTE support. Knowing this, we can expect the iPhone 5S to include a faster processor and better screen. There will be some improvements for the camera and maybe the battery life will be improved. But from what I can see, iPhone users are satisfied with what they have now in their iPhone 5 and they are focusing towards software features and the simplicity of the interface.


iOS 7 will bring your device to a whole new level and you will get the feeling of having a brand new phone, along with some new features. Sounds exciting? Even the iPhone 4 will look different.

Before we make any further conclusions we must wait and see how this iOS 7 will perform on the older devices because they include a slower processor. I’m sure Apple has considered all of this and has the proper solution for it.

This iOS 7 is an important breakthrough for Apple and we are finally going to enjoy the full capability of the new iPhone 5 features. Not to mention the owners of older iPhones – they simply needed this refreshment.

This iOS 7 has brought new redesigned interface with sharper icons and slimmer fonts. Maybe you have already used the beta version and saw that Apple has included a new way for unlocking your phone and sliding up will give you the most used settings on your iPhone. There is 3D effect on the screen and animated transitions when closing or opening your installed apps.

Here’s a brief list of iOS 7’s new additions:


  • Control Center
  • Safari
  • new and redesigned multitasking feature
  • AirDrop which is new feature that lets you create network between all nearby users
  • The camera app has been improved
  • The new music streaming service, iTunes Radio, will be included into it
  • App Store has received some improvements
  • In-car new features
  • FaceTime audio will be used for voice calls by Wi-Fi connection

Older iPhones might turn into real ‘beasts’ with a classy look, thanks to the new iOS. However, owning the latest iPhone is clearly the better option in this case.


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