Apple talks; New Mac Pro on the way!

Alex Bezeau February 19, 2013 0


This month has been full of twists and turns in the tech department, probably one of the biggest has been Apple actually making a premature announcement in response to rumor speculation. Hard to believe right? Anyway, the response made mention to the reason why the Apple Mac Pro was being pulled from the market. It seems our good friends over at Apple have their sights set on a new model for the Mac Pro.



Exciting news, and would help explain why in the world the regular Apple Mac Pro is being pulled. All that Apple has left us with is a tantalizing bet simply stating that a new Apple Mac Pro is in the works and is slated to be shipped out in the Spring. With allowances for any pushbacks and announcements and such and such pomp that goes into the unveiling of a new system. I believe this new Apple Mac Pro could ship out as early as August.


So is this new show of public access just a one off deal? Or will some of the future projects that Apple has in store also be readily confirmed without too much ceremony? I sincerely hope for the later, as it will foster much more consumer access as well as appreciation of the company that allows it’s more personal records to hit the interwebs. However, that is just one man’s hope. This ready agreement on the new Mac Pro is more than likely the next move by Apple to help rectify the lack luster results that the original Mac Pro presented the company. Either way, I am particularly happy that the company has released these statements because they definitely get me excited for the future. So now the only question left is what exactly will be unveiled in the next Apple press conference?

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