Why is Vevo better than YouTube for Watching Videos?

Jasmina Lozevska June 16, 2013 0
Why is Vevo better than YouTube for Watching Videos?

We are witenssing another battle between giant companies but this time we are talking about the two biggest video services, Vevo and YouTube. If you are addicted to music, Vevo might be the right choice for you. YouTube is definitely the more popular one among users, but Vevo has to offer something that the majority of video addicts will find useful.

This service is available as an app and you can notice its dedication to videos. It has made deals with record labels and individual publishers and everything you watch there is completely legitimate. Vevo app is free for download and it supports ads.

Vevo is more focused to officially released live concerts, videos and the app is definitely better than YouTube when it comes to this type of content. If you type a song, you will get numerous results showing you the song performed by many different amateurs and you will get many covers of that song. If you search for it on Vevo, it will show you the official music video and other content related to this song. The thing that I like the most about Vevo is that you don’t have to create an account if you want to watch a video. There are three easy steps: launch the app, search for the video, watch & listen. You can create an account if you want and it will offer you playlists that have been already created by others and you can even create your own playlist.


Vevo’s video quality is in HD and if you want, you can choose from the offered low, medium and high quality. There are landscape and portrait view of the videos. When you choose landscape it will bring you the full-screen mode, and when you choose portrait it will give you the video plus the related videos, credits for the video you are watching and few sharing options.

Vevo offers something that YouTube desn’t. I’m talking about the live programming that offers watching music-related videos from a huge number of sources that can be found on the web. For example, you can watch all the performances and speeches from some event. Plus, you can watch long videos broken down to hour-long videos and they are based on the specific genre.

As perfect as it sounds, Vevo does has some problems that need to be fixed. While watching a video, if your phone rings, Vevo doesn’t remember where you have stopped watching your video content. It doesn’t matter if you hit pause, it still does the same thing when you answer an incoming call. Still, Vevo is focused on one thing that has been made best in the business. You will be enabled to search music on the large catalog with content that is music-related. It’s perfect if you prefer watching live performances, music videos and etc.

Check Vevo right now – it might become your new favorite app.

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