MacBook Air 13-inch Has Impressive Battery Life

Alex Bezeau June 17, 2013 0
MacBook Air 13-inch Has Impressive Battery Life


The new MacBook Air was revealed by Apple at this year’s WWDC and while we were waiting for the Retina display, the only thing that we officially have is better battery life. However, this is not the only improvement placed on it, most of the updates we can notice are under the hood. There are no changes when it comes to the the design, but its $100 cheaper than its predecessor.

Design and Display

There aren’t any notable changes on the new MacBook Air in this area that could possibly give the user another experience. It still has the same look that made many laptop users fell in love on first sight. Both versions of this new laptop have the same thickness. Its chassis is made from aluminum and the trackpad and keyboard stayed exactly the same as found on their predecessors.

When you open this laptop, you will notice the touchpad allows you to click the entire pad. It has multitouch gestures and I advise you to turn them all on, if you want the full and easy experience with it.

The 13-inch model still doesn’t have a 16:9 display and it lacks that stylish black bezel that can be found on the MacBook Pro. But still, the display lays on very thick silver bezel that is already seen on the previous models. The resolution of the display is 1,440×900, which is much better than you can find on the other 13-inch laptops. The screen is very improved when it comes to reflections. It’s definitely a large step up from some displays that are really terribly reflective.

As some other features, features we got to see how the OS X Mavericks evolve in the upcoming months. It set to be officially released in fall. You can work on the touch pad with 3 or 4 fingers that enable you switching between windows and apps.

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Connections and Hardware                         

You will not find new connections on this new version of MacBook Air. It features two USB 3.0 ports and a Thunderbolt port. It has faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which will be a great fit for the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule hardware.

Under the hood, there is a an improvement in the form of an Intel Haswell chip processor. It has a 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 Haswell for the base configuration. It has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 1GB Intel HD Graphics. The storage capacity of the base model is 128GB.

Battery Life

This area received the biggest improvement. People close to the company said that improving the battery was the biggest reason why Apple didn’t made this laptop with a Retina Display. On some battery drain tests for video playback, this model lasted amazing 14 hours. The first estimation by the company was 12 hours but as we can see, it’s better than that.

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Intel has the major part of the credits because the new processor is said to be quite power efficient. The CPU runs on lower clock speed than last year’s model and these new Haswell chips are born for video playback. If you use Wi-Fi while playing games this number is expected to be smaller. Apple got the biggest advantage with the combination of their battery technology, plus the Haswell chip.

The good side of this MacBook Air is the amazing battery life and the multitouch touch pad. With these features, this laptop will remain on the top of its market domain for a long time. Alongside with the information that it will be $100 cheaper than the previous model, my prediction is that will be selling like crazy. It lacks the display with higher resolution though, and the competition is really strong now, coming straight towards Apple. As Apple said, the new Macbook Air will be available on the market by fall.

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