IHS Reports the New Nexus Next Gen Model Will Be Out Soon

Heidi Speare June 18, 2013 0
IHS Reports the New Nexus Next Gen Model Will Be Out Soon


We didn’t get the next-gen Google Nexus phone but it seems that the tablet version, Nexus 7, will be updated with a brand new version. At least this time, we won’t see another white version of the same model. This report was made by a research firm IHS and we should see it before Apple releases its new iPad Mini 2.

IHS even said that AUO and Japan Display will be the display suppliers for the next Nexus 7 and the main manufacturer of the tablet will be Quanta. Ricky Park, IHS head researcher, said that JDI and AUO didn’t make any display shipments towards Quanta yet, but will start soon. According to him, the next gen Nexus 7 is not far away from its release. If I recall well, the Nexus 7 was launched in July 2012, so we might see the next gen of this tablet as soon as next month.

There are different expectations related to this tablet. According to all of them, this tablet should have a 1920 x 1200 display resolution with 323 ppi. This will signify that a notable improvement has been made, because the previous model had a 1280×800 display resolution and 216 ppi. Under the hood, there will be a Qualcomm quad-core processor chip and 2 cameras (front-facing and rear). It will support LTE network and it will have a Li-ion 4000 mAh battery.


Google still hasn’t revealed any details, nor has commented this, but Digitimes said that the new Nexus 7 version will be available as soon as July. The base 16GB version will have price tag of $229 and it will run on Android.

I have mentioned that the next Nexus 7 will be launched before Apple’s iPad Mini because numerous sources claim Mini will be delayed until the end of this year. Still, this is just another rumor that Apple didn’t share any thoughts on.

Google must improve its Nexus line this year. We were all surprised when this company chose to not upgrade its Nexus smartphone version. Instead, it has launched as a white version of the exciting model. With the expected specs, next-gen Nexus 7 could be one of the main contenders on the market following the success of its predecessor. This is just a rumor at this point and we are going to put it right next to the others unanswered speculations and wait for an official statement.

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