Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced to Be launched Will Have Super Fast LTE

Jaycee De Guzman June 18, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced to Be launched Will Have Super Fast LTE


Once again, Samsung is ready for adding another device into the Galaxy S4 line. This time, it will launch Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced with a support for the next-gen 4G LTE network called LTE-Advanced. It will be specially designed for it. This was announced today in an interview made by Reuters with the CEO J.K. Shin. This smartphone will not be available in the U.S due to some network limitations but it will come internationally.

4G LTE-Advanced connection will mean a three times faster connection. Think about it this way – if you need to download some data from the Internet while connected on the normal 4G LTE it will take you 3 minutes. Now, this Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced will download the same content for just one minute. This smartphone is expected to be launched by the end of this month in South Korea first, and worldwide a bit later. The processor chip is said to be made by Qualcomm.

All the international markets that have support for this LTE Advanced will get this smartphone. U.S is out because it still supports the older LTE version.

Samsung has launched numerous devices previously “wearing” the same Galaxy S4 brand. We saw the ordinary Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Google edition and Galaxy S4 Zoom. Now with this, it would be really difficult for you to pick which one you will get. Samsung started launching Galaxy S4 smartphones in such short time lap, it just seems to be never-ending.


There’s a possibility Samsung is releasing so much versions of this smartphone because lately, they lost $20 billion in shares. It was said that this is due to the saturation of the Galaxy S4. Shin said that Galaxy S4 demand is still strong and it’s selling more from its predecessor (Galaxy S3). According to him, this new S4 Advanced is another addition that will bring them strong profit margins. There are no undisclosed details about the price, but Shin said that this version will be slightly expensive from the ordinary version.

The addition of these various Samsung Galaxy S4 models might help the protection of company’s margin growth. However, Galaxy S4 Advanced is a smartphone that can be used more in the future than nowadays. There are only several markets that are supporting this high-speed LTE and when it spreads worldwide, it will mean bigger demand for this smartphone.

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