Is Cable Limiting Your Broadband Speeds?

Jaycee De Guzman June 19, 2013 0
Is Cable Limiting Your Broadband Speeds?


It seems that the cable industry is more than ready to compete on the market with Google Fiber. Brian Roberts, the Comcast CEO, has showed a cable 3GBps broadband connection last week at the Washington Trade Show. Google Fiber has a connection speed of 1GBps and this cable broadband connection with its speed, seems ready to take on Google. He said that the best thing that can happen to this industry is embracing the competition.

However, this represents just a one person’ opinion but the actions in the industry are completely different. All the cable providers react slowly when it comes to improvement of its connection speed. We can notice that whenever the connection speed goes up, the prices are higher. On the other hand, Google is using this as an advantage to spread further on the market and offers its faster gigabit connection for a reasonable price. Google offers its fast connection for $70 a month, while the competition offers much slower connection and less capacity for approximately the same price.

Roberts even said that this offer they have prepared can exceed Google Fiber very fast.

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We know that whenever the higher speed comes along, it will cost us more. Let’s take a look at Comcast – the largest provider in our country. It offers a 50Mbps connection service for $60 but only for the first 6 months. Comcast even has an 105Mbps service, offered in few markets and users are paying $90 per month for the first 6 months. If you choose to continue to use this offer, you will need to pay $115 per month. The fastest offer is 305Mbps but only in some markets and they are paying $320 per month.

Where is the comparison here? Comcast charges $500 for installation and Google for its Fiber service doesn’t charge a penny. You will only need to pay $70 monthly and that’s it. Now, imagine if there is an option for using 3Gbps. I can’t even do the math how much it can cost you. However, there are few more plans for the future.

The cable industry is working on bringing faster service to its customers. CableLabs is leading the way for making the evolution. DOCSIS 3.1 is rumored to take place as the next big thing in the cable industry which can deliver 6Gbps fast download speed. It will use a different technology for transmitting the signals that are going through coaxial and fiber network. According to some sources, this could be available late in 2015 or early in 2016.

Some reports say the Internet speed is improving for two sides: the providers and consumers. The providers must replace their old tech with new one and this means making a bigger move towards faster connection. The consumers will take what you will give them and in this case, what they need is faster speed because there are a couple of great streaming services that they can use. However, I still think that having fast speed connection can’t be used with the full capacity. Google Fiber users are saying that they still haven’t used the full potential and the available bandwidth. So, do we really need to spend lots of money for this kind of connection?

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