Apple Mac Mini: Packs a Punch With Fusion Hard Drive Power

Jaycee De Guzman June 8, 2013 0
Apple Mac Mini: Packs a Punch With Fusion Hard Drive Power


Apple has already established a distinctive aluminum block unibody to the world. It points itself with Mac Mini, which is a very attractive 14 inch model. However, do not be fooled by its dimensions and size. Its small size does not mean it has less powerful features. The Mac Mini holds an all-in-one feature. On the bottom side, Mac Mini has a removable panel that would make your work easier. It is the world’s most power-efficient desktop computer. Mac Mini is also a highly recyclable tiny package designed for efficient shipping.

Storage and Memory
1TB Hard Drive – This comes with a hard drive of 1TB 5400-RPM or 500GB as a standard. With this, you are able to pack movies, photo libraries, files, music and a whole lot more.

Flash Storage 256GB – You have the power to configure your Mac mini and enjoy the flash storage up to 256GB instead of waiting in vain at the usual hard drive. The Flash storage of Mac Mini delivers practically 5X higher and better than the disk drive performance. It delivers exceptional speed, which you notice when you choose to boot the Mac mini.

Twisted Memory – One of the greatest features of Mac mini is the quick-paced DDR3 1600MHz memory. Let us be thankful to the detachable bottom panel, with this, it becomes easy to add. You can actually configure your memory for up to 16GB straight at the store.
Fusion Drive – One of the best things about Mac Mini is its storage breakthrough option, also known as the Fusion Drive. The fusion drives unites greater performance 1t 128GB flash stage and a hard drive of 1TB. The Fusion Drive intelligently and automatically manages information, so that those often used documents, apps, photos, and files will stay on the quicker flash storage. On the other hand, the infrequently stuff will shift to hard drive. Fusion Drive lets you enjoy quicker boot times. When the system understands how the people work, you will be able to see quicker application launches, as well as the fastest file access.


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Energy Efficiency
Highly developed Power Management – It has been concluded that Mac mini places a great example of an energy-efficient and well-designed philosophy. Even if it offers a processor performance twice and up to 65% quicker performance of the integrated graphics in contrast to the earlier generation, still it uses 11 watts or lower on the power when in inactive state.

ENERGY STAR Criterion – Let us meet Mac Mini’s rigorous low-power requirements, which are set by the qualifications of ENERGY STAR. The ENERGY STAR sets 5.2, which are believed to be significantly higher in efficiency limits in terms of aggressive limits and power supplies for the power typical annual consumption of the computer. The Mac mini does not only meet the requirements of ENERGY STAR, but has also reached 87% margin.

Certainly, it is not good to judge the device on its size, because Mac Mini proves us wrong. Aside from the fact that it embraces the powerful fusion drive, it also comes with other powerful features that are enough to prove how Mac Mini works in the outside world. Mac Mini is the world’s most powerful and energy efficient desktop computer so far.

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