LG Smartphone to Be Launched in 2014 That Will Work On Constant Voice Commands

Heidi Speare June 19, 2013 0
LG Smartphone to Be Launched in 2014 That Will Work On Constant Voice Commands


From time to time, LG knows how to fascinate with some great feature or smartphone. This time, it introduces a new smartphone that will support voice commands that will be always on. This smartphone is expected to be launched next year. The source claims that the company is working hard on it making it perfect from each angle. I believe that they still have something up in their sleeve and will launch a smartphone that will be a great competitor out there on the market.

This smartphone will allow its owners make commands through speaking and without even touching the screen first. This report comes from Gotta Be Mobile and they say that this comes from reliable sources very close to the company’s future plans. They have also said that the tech will support more commands than the ones that are already available.

If LG wants to make the command feature perfect, they need to use the next gen Qualcomm processor chip that is designed to support always-on commands. This Qualcomm Processor 800 got its debut earlier this year and it allows users to activate this function just by saying “Hello” to their devices. This chip learns the voice of the owner and when someone else wants to perform these commands it won’t work. It requires pressing a button and then, the always-on voice feature will listen to your instructions. While presenting this processor, Qualcomm has said these processors won’t have negative impact on the battery live.

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This opens up the chances of making always-on voice commands available on other devices coming from different companies. All the calculations are leading that this will be introduced on the next Mobile World Congress scheduled for February 2014.

This comes after LG’s announced that 1 million units from its latest LG Optimus G Pro were sold in Korea. This device is available on this market for 4 months. Along with this information, there weren’t details of how many devices are sold worldwide. Just for a comparison, its direct competitor – the Galaxy Note 2 took only three months to reach 1 million devices sold in Korea.

I like what LG made with this device. I’m really optimistic about this new device that will come with always-on voice commands. Maybe this feature is the next thing that every other company should be focused on. We must start using the voice commands on our smartphones more to be prepared when this time comes.

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