HTC One Vs HTC Mini: Will the MINI Measure Up?

Jaycee De Guzman June 8, 2013 0
HTC One Vs HTC Mini: Will the MINI Measure Up?


HTC Company has built its reputation since 1997. It is the manufacturer of the mobile devices OEM-branded in the market. In 2006, the company has started to introduce the numerous much-admired mobile devices. Their portfolio includes tablets and Smartphones both powered by windows phone and Android. The company is very much dedicated to allow customization to every user experience based on the philosophy that each device has to fit owners. What makes it to fit isn’t only about the product solely, but observing the way people react and interacts with the technology. Among the flagship devices promoted, the HTC One has reached to a point where iPhone users have switched due to its quick user interface and glossy physical design.

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The Notable Feature
The notable feature of HTC One is its aluminum body. According to Scott Croyle, the vice president of the company, it took about 3 hours and 33 minutes of cutting and processing the parts of the phone from aluminum block.

Comparison of HTC One and HTC Mini Features
As a result of the aluminium parts, the HTC One embraces a 2300mAh battery, which is not replaceable. It also lacks expandable MicroSD storage. A notable feature of HTC One is the loud and clear front-facing stereo speakers as this allows every business users to answer or make calls using speakerphones without directing to their ears.


The rear camera of HTC One has polarized both the buyers and reviewers because of their 4 megapixel sensor, which are coupled with speedy F2.0 opening optically stabilized 28mm fine lens. According the HTC Company, instead of using 13 million camera phone sensors, they chose an Ultrapixel sensor at 4 million, to have a larger and more quality pixels. Thus, it allows to be light-sensitive. The HTC One is fast, user friendly and impressive.

Though the HTC One is quite bigger, this has made other competitors to perform their platform onstage. The company introduced the HTC One mini to compete with Samsung Galaxy Mini and other smaller Smartphones. HTC One Mini is best for people who adore the features of HTC One but not the size. It has a smaller display and specs. According to the Company, the HTC One Mini is set to launch this August. The HTC One mini is a little brother of HTC One, with this its specs are also less impressive.
While the HTC One holds a 1080p screen and is about 4.7-inch, the HTC One Mini, on the other hand, has a 720p resolution and just about 4.3 inches. Without a doubt, this makes the device lighter and smaller, even though the processor has not been specified, it is likely to be powered by a dual-core processor, experts have assumed Qualcomm.

The Conclusion
Both HTC One and HTC Mini embrace the same excellence since HTC One Mini is the little brother of HTC One, and both of which has exactly manufactured under the same company, HTC. However, in terms of power and size, the Mini cannot measure up because HTC One is more powerful.

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