iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy 4: Which Phone Prevails in Outstanding Features

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Seriously, when we talk about powerful wars, it would be the rivalry between Samsung and Apple which has been broadcasted worldwide. We can easily point out that both of which are giant Smartphone makers, but we cannot figure out why and which of them stands out from the other. Apple’s iPhone has always been the most favorite Smartphone for everybody, but when Samsung’s Galaxy was introduced, the whole thing changes, not because Apple has been defeated, but due to Samsung’s greatness, it poses a threat to Apple.

We have the iPhone 5 which embraces simplicity yet swift and quality, on the other hand, we have Galaxy S4 which holds overwhelming features. Of course, the Samsung is newer and shinier, but does not mean it is the best choice. We also have iPhone 5 that can potentially own the crown.
To know which among them holds outstanding features, see the whole details below:

Design: Plastic vs. Aluminium

Apple’s iPhone 5 has always been a status symbol. The cover is made up of glass with aluminium beauty that is extremely light, yet solid (approximately 3.9 ounces). The polished precision-cut, chamfered edge speakers are absolutely perfect. Its device is user-friendly. On the other hand, the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is a more plastic artistic pedestrian; however it is a development of S3. Its polycarbonate chassis is denser and sturdier compared to its predecessor. The Galaxy S4 is lighter, measuring a thickness of 0.25 inches and weighing only 4.6 ounces. The Galaxy S4 is thinner than iPhone 5, which has a thickness of 0.3-inch. But, the Galaxy S4 is wider and taller.

iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy 4_1

Keep in mind that size is not everything, the Galaxy S4 is taller and wider than iPhone 5. In terms of resolution, iPhone 5 presents a reasonably sharp picture at pixels of1136 x 640. While the Galaxy S4, presents pixels of 441 per inch.


Samsung Galaxy S4 delivers a good sound. While with iPhone 5, we have to exert more effort or strain our ears to hear a bit more.

On technical levels, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a rear camera of 13-megapixel, while the iPhone 5 has a rear shooter of 8 megapixels. S4 also features Eraser Mode, Drama Mode and Dual Modes intended for different camera services.
Specifications and Performances
Samsung holds Qualcomm’s 1.9-GHz quad-core, 600 processor Snapdragon and RAM 2GB, whereas the iPhone 5 holds the Apple’s A6 1.3-GHz processor and RAM 1GB.

Battery Life

When it comes to its battery life, Samsung takes pleasure since it packs approximately 2,600 mAh of batteries, while the iPhone only holds 1,440 mAh.

People usually think that the storage is identical. We know that both phones offer different GB. The Galaxy S4 16 GB only gives usable storage of9 GB of. While the iPhone 5 16 GB gives a usable storage 13 GB.

To Conclude
When it comes to comparisons, people are more likely to jump into conclusions. It is important to note that considering both the weaknesses and strengths are very important. No doubt, Galaxy S4 has a beautiful and bigger screen, has a faster performance and holds better camera but not as lighter than iPhone 5. The Galaxy S4 has gimmicky features that prove to be useless for many people, though these can be ignored directly, we can’t change the fact that our available storage is quickly deteriorating. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 carries simplicity and polished design. It can easily fit in, and its glass and aluminium nature is more premium. On the toss side, the screen of the iPhone is smaller than Galaxy S4. Even though, it is difficult to complain with regards to its Retina Display, there is nothing we can do since it is not nearly as smart and clear as GS4’s 1080p screen. To wrap up, both have weaknesses and strengths; the choice is up to you. If your most favorite feature is convenient to the other, then you might consider that option.

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