iPhone 5 Versus the HTC One: Which One Outperforms the Other

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iPhone 5 Versus the HTC One: Which One Outperforms the Other


In the Smartphone industry, both Apple and HTC are giant players in the market. For many years, Apple’s iPhone has always been unconditional and is even referred to as a top Smartphone. In 2012, the game has changed when Samsung was introduced in the market. This is not to say that iPhone has phased out, well in fact, it even became stronger in this tough challenge. It just means that the opponents can potentially grab the market share and profits on which Apple is currently enjoying. In 2013, the giant technology maker, HTC One directly excites people for its top spots. So, the rivalry between Apple and Samsung isn’t the only game, but the question still remains, which one performs better, is it iPhone or HTC One? To have the proper answer, it is fair enough to differentiate iPhone 5 to HTC One.

The iPhone 5 is lighter and slimmer than HTC One. It has a width of 58.7mm, and weighs only 112 g. The HTC One, on the other hand, has a width of 68.2mm and weighs 143g. This makes the iPhone 5 more portable and convenient since smaller hands can easily grab and grip the phone.

When we talk about Smartphone, display is very important. HTC One holds a larger screen at 4.7-inch and supports resolution at 1080p with pixels of 468 per inch, whereas, the display of iPhone 5 is at 326 ppi and 1135 x 640.
Operating System
The comparison of operating system is a subjective matter, You have the power to choose either Android or iOS. Certainly, when it comes to apps, Apple has the widest selection. The iOS 6 is excellent in fixing bugs as well. Though, the Android packs loads of exciting features as well as user experiences, the HTC One is running at 4.2 Jelly Bean Android and packs significant features, such as HTC Share, remote control and HTC Zoe.


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Most people won’t believe it, but the fact blows them away, that at times, the lesser megapixels, the better it can give. This is true to HTC One. Though, it only comes with 4-megapixel camera, which is just a half megapixel of iPhone 5, it has different flash levels and offers auto-adjust feature. The iPhone holds 8-megapixel, no question with photo quality, but does not offer many features.

Apart from the comparison of features and specs, one of the biggest points to consider is the price. When HTC One came out, T-Mobile which is one of the largest carriers in the US offered it for $107, with the additional offer of $55/month for unlimited data. The other remaining three carriers: Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offer $199 for 32GB HTC One at 2-year contract. The 64GB is offered at $299.

Which One Outperforms the Other?

The comparisons are fair enough since it supports both the pros and cons of the devices. iPhone 5 is no doubt more attractive in terms of style and design, since it is user-friendly and is handy. But, HTC One offers more attractive features. iPhone 5 is a sure-fire way to popularity because its manufacturer, Apple has already built a reputation. We can say that HTC One outperforms the other since it rapidly climbs its way into the highest market. It was newly introduced in the market, yet grabs the attention. Its camera is incredibly fantastic as well as its display and price. But, still the final choice is within you. Know what is important to you, and it will define you.

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