Is the Google Nexus 7 Really the Best Small Tablet?

Jaycee De Guzman June 10, 2013 0
Is the Google Nexus 7 Really the Best Small Tablet?


When the tablets were introduced in the market, people were not ignorant of its physical appearance because it was like the screen of the laptop and the looks of iPad. The world which was dominated with iPad, is now facing lots of giant players, some of which are better than iPad. Google Nexus 7 is one among those that are considered the best tablet. However, when we talk about being a small tablet, it is considered as the best one.

Speed and Performances
When it comes to speed and performance, there is no question because it was built and created by ASUS, one of the finest manufacturers. It also comes with 3 quad-core processor. The whole thing of Nexus 7 is fast, which means the pages will be loaded quickly; speedy performance in running various apps and the gameplay is more responsive and smoother.

By Google – Nexus 7
Basically, the Nexus 7 is a huge Nexus Phone that runs on Jellybean Android. It has a larger screen of 7” and presents super crisp resolution of 1280×800. This makes the screen more refreshing. The videos are sharp.


Quality of Camera
Google Nexus 7 embraces the art and design of its front-facing camera which has 1.2 MP. This is great for Skype Video calls. The best thing about the camera is its capacity to connect video callers to different devices, such as Mac Book Air and iPad2. When you take pictures, you need to hold slowly the power and lock, along with volume buttons in order to capture. The disappointing issue is that pictures from Instagram are not compatible or supported. But, when you view photos, the slide shows are pretty good.

Battery and Storage Backup
Google Nexus 7 has the capacity of 8 hours backup as it holds 4325mAh battery. The backup is all good without the need of charging when the user is aggressively engaged.

Play and Apps Store
The best thing of having a Google account is that all users are provided with all the features of Play Store. Some apps such as Google reader and Voice may be installed through Play Store. If you are fan of magazines, you need to spend Google Play Credit at $25. There are also treats designed for music lovers. If you love films and movies, you can opt for Google free account in movies. Films such as Transformers are included as a free package in the entertainment section.

There are other small tablets, but what makes Google Nexus 7 the best tablet is the way it works despite being small. Thus, this is the time where we can prove that small things should not be underrated. The free entertainment packages and apps provided are too much for the users. It provides the best functionality and services. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is definitely the right option when we talk about Google Nexus 7 tablets. Because of its small size device in nature, this tablet is good for budget conscious people who wish to own a great deal of package that is not only stylish and fashionable, but also packed with free stuffs and features.

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