Microsoft Surface Pro: Does it Really Have the Power of a Laptop

Jaycee De Guzman June 11, 2013 0
Microsoft Surface Pro: Does it Really Have the Power of a Laptop


When Microsoft enters the world of tablet platform, its first venture is the Microsoft Surface. The Microsoft Surface is designed to compete and run against the races of the existing giant players in the market, such as Apple and Google. Though, this was introduced last June 2012, the release is dated in October of the same year. The Microsoft Surface was released in 2 different versions. The first one is called surface which is supported by the RT windows operating system and is a lighter one. The second is called Surface pro, which is supported by the operating system of Windows 8.

Despite 2 different versions, people are hoping that such creation will come with exceptional features and deliver outstanding services. A lot of people have come to ask if Microsoft surface pro has got what it takes on the laptop power. Below are the quick reviews of Microsoft Surface Pro components.


From the general point of view, Microsoft has done a good job in terms of choosing materials. It comes with magnesium chassis; however, the frustration comes with the black frame, which is a glossy surrounding frame. The longer you use it, the more you wish to eradicate the thought of having a half-thick screen. In the rear part is the back folds used to support when the device is to stand. This makes the device handy without the use of keyboards. This is best especially when you are in outdoor meetings, video conferences, business meetings and watching movies on the beach.



The ports are well-built; however, it only has a single 3.0 USB port. There is no question with USB plugged in, since the port is strong enough to bear a keyboard, hard drive and mouse at the same time. When using Ethernet, you need to spend £35, since you need to occupy its port.


Processor Power

Just like most ultra books, Microsoft Surface Pro has the same processing power, which means, it has the capacity to handle tasking without any difficulties, starting from the word processing down to the 3D modelling. It comes with solid state drive of 128 GB, which makes it responsive.

Audio and Gaming

There are no problems with regard to headphone and microphone because they are both fine. The volume is high, and the sound is clean enough for headphones. As with gaming powers, its capabilities are limited, but hold 1920 x 1080 pixels, which have a high resolution. Despite its high resolution feature, this makes a little bit harder for the user since they left no choice but to be picky with the games to play. This device is not recommended for people who love to play games anytime and anywhere because this is not a gaming device. The titles that run properly are those that are smaller and older, which are definitely non-demanding games.
Battery Life

The experts reviewed its battery life as 3 stars because of its shorter battery life.

The Verdicts

To be taken as a whole, the Microsoft Company has done a good job with Microsoft Surface pro. If asked if Microsoft Surface Pro has got what it takes to have a laptop power, well, there are no questions with regard to its features and materials. It dwells its brilliance with graphical screen, designs and responsiveness that give delight in every user, processing power that gives a full-time advantage of every business productions. Unfortunately, the unresolved heat issues, no connectivity designed for laptops and shorter battery life of 3 ½ hours have made a little disadvantage of Microsoft Surface Pro to have the power of a laptop.

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