AT&T phones of the future!

Alex Bezeau February 19, 2013 0


AT&T is a mobile service provider renowned the world over. It has access to one of the largest networks available and connects millions of people on a daily basis. It also has a host of great phones that provide this service. Each year these phones get better and better, and while today’s phones are really good as is. The next batch of phones to be marketed as AT&T phones look to be even more impressive. Already HTC, Sony, and Samsung seem to be nearing completion of some of their projects, if the recent rumors floating around are any indication. What exactly do they have planned this year?


HTC’s looks to be placing their bets on the HTC Sense 5. AT&T has a very interesting phone with this one. You see, in contrast to the rest of the Sense series, the Sense 5 will be much more streamlined and have a lot simpler UI then it’s predecessors. Most of the sharp edges are gone, replaced with smooth, beveled curves that do a lot to accentuate the change in direction HTC has planned for the phone. Overall it seems like it will become a sort of love hate relationship with fans of the Sense series. Either they will appreciate the new direction HTC is going with the phone, or they will hate it because it does a complete 180 and abandons most of the normal conventions that defined the Sense series. Either way, it’s shaping up to be an interesting choice for the year.



Samsung faithfuls also have a device to look forward to this year. The much renowned Samsung Galaxy series will be receiving a new entry in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S4. In addition to making a solid choice to include AT&T as one of the default service providers, the Galaxy S4 will come with a host of new features and upgrades. Not the least of which is the much anticipated Android Key Lime Pie update available right out of the gate. The Samsung is also packing their Galaxy S4 with some interesting new hardware, including a Exynos 5 Octa processor. If this blatantly powerful piece of tech is any indication of what Samsung is looking to do to its phone, we can expect some huge jumps in power between this and the last Galaxy phone!


The Sony Xperia Z has got to be the phone that has me the most excited for the year however. It will be using a new design that features double glass panels and are sleek and awesome looking. The Xperia will be using the Android OS but sadly will not have access to the latest updates at its inception. Don’t get me wrong, Android 4.1 isn’t a bad starting point by any means, but you have to remember that the next iteration is right around the corner and the Xperia Z might be late to the party. Although while the OS could be considered lacking, it more than makes up for it with the power this device will be packing. Seriously, this phone could make the Samsung Galaxy S4 look like a child’s toy. If hardware was anything to go off of, the Sony Xperia Z will be one of the top ranking phones of the year.


AT&T is looking to have a good year. Plenty of new contracts will be forged once people get their hands on these new phones. So while AT&T will be making profit no matter the phone you get, what phone are you looking forward to this year?

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