Playstation 4: Playstation Like you Have Never Seen It

Jaycee De Guzman June 12, 2013 0
Playstation 4: Playstation Like you Have Never Seen It


Fifteen years ago, we had CapCom, which released the ever popular Street Fighter in the arcades. Computers had low quality animations and graphics, so they were plain and simple. But, due to the advancement of computer technology, the games became refined and sophisticated. The video and sound qualities of the games were enhanced. PlayStation fanatics can show the changes of the players playing the PlayStation games. When the Playstation 3 arrived, people were craving for it because it has a brilliant chip processor, outstanding graphics and blue ray capabilities. However, the creators of gaming industry do not stop innovating and recreating gaming consoles. The arrival of the PlayStation 4 has created a buzz in the market today.

Sony is one of the largest companies that manufacture gaming consoles. Sony is known for its outstanding sound technology and brilliant graphics with advanced laptops, televisions, camcorders and digital cameras. Since the multi-millionaire company has released their latest PlayStation PS4 in the market, it attracted millions of customers. PlayStation 4 is indeed the gaming console, which you have never seen it before.

Playstation 4 General Features
PlayStation 4 features an instruction set of x86-64, which is the basis of AMD processor. This is designed to make the development of video games becomes easier and more convenient of the following generation console, which attracts a wider array of developers. Such modifications highlight the Company’s venture improvements from the lessons learned while developing it.


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Specs and Hardware
Other prominent hardware PS4 features, include a unified memory of 8 GB, in the form of GDDR5, which is a quick paced Blu-ray drive, along with fanatical custom chips used for processing background tasks, video and audio. It is packed with an x86 processor, which is a powerful GPU PC-grade to manufacture stunning graphics, with 8 gigs DDR5 memory.
Video Sharing
The best thing about PS4 is the video sharing features which makes it more sociable and integrated. It includes a video sharing nifty features, like the capacity to stream the videos from the games as you play them. You are also allowed to share the videos as well as the screenshot from the games to the services, such as Ustream, Facebook and PSN.
The PS4 is supportive to PS1, PS2 and PS3 through Gaiki PS4 streaming technology.

PS4 comes with a killer graphic. It doesn’t fail to impress a gamer. Apart from the entertainment features, the PS4 is remarkable in terms of graphics. It is a sure-fire statement to declare that the graphics of PS4 have reached the utmost level of real-life appearance.
PlayStation 4 is indeed a certified gamer console of the gamers. It does not only change the way the people see the device, such as its appearance and expressions, but also the way it works like complete features and additional gimmicks. Sony has not specified its date of release, but they confirmed its availability, and it would be on holiday seasons this year. As far as the cost is concerned, the rumored price is $429.

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