Samsung Galaxy S4 Rugged: The Galaxy With Durability

Jaycee De Guzman June 12, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Rugged: The Galaxy With Durability


When we talk about a phone that independently changes the view of the Smartphone market, it would be Samsung. Though, Samsung isn’t the first one to introduce touch screen on the market, frankly speaking, this Koran Giant Smartphone maker has attained a far-reaching influence to the people, by way of their exceptional creations and innovations of their products. Given the fact that users nowadays are looking for extra durable phones, Samsung just announced the extra durability of Samsung Galaxy S4. This model is the company’s variation flagship that is designed for outdoor use and rugged situations, for instance, beach parties, hiking and fishing.

General Features
Samsung Galaxy S4 features a thicker and a heavier case, which keeps the dust way. In addition, it can be submerged into the water, approximately 3 feet below the surface for half an hour. Aside from the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 is designed for outdoor use, it also comes with first rate specs, such as a quad-core processor of 1.9GHz and features a five inch full HD screen of 1080p. Its rear camera has 8-megapixel and runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, which is the Google’s most up-to-date version in mobile operating system.

Sturdy Layout and Brilliant Display
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has buttons and ports to be found in proper places. The lock and power button is positioned perfectly for sole handed use. Beneath the screen, you will see a physical raised home button, which is firmer than the predecessor. The back keys and backlit menu are on the sides, while IR port and headphone jack are to be found on the topmost part of the device.


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Outstanding Viewing Angles of the Screen
The best part of Samsung Galaxy S4 is its outstanding display. It comes with 1920×1080, which is considered as a high resolution. It provides a 441ppi pixel density and a screen of AMOLED HD, which is about 5-inch. Similar to other latest Smartphone displays, the Galaxy S4 has a clear and bright terrifically crisp text display. Its viewing angles work directly to sunlight.

Terrific Camera with Tons of Options
The Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera is terrific. From the experts’ points of view, its camera is considered as the best camera among Android phones so far. As you would expect, its camera app comes with new software qualities that can be seen as overpowering features, such as the dual camera. This allows people to take photos using front and back cameras. When used as an auto mode standard, it produces outstanding photos with excellent levels of colors and details.

4G With Spectacular Battery Life
As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a responsive and fast Smartphone. It even runs graphical strong games without stutters and almost all of its apps can be open instantly.
Despite being the number one Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4 does have minor lagging issues, but these are not huge issues because the overall performance has impressive specifications. Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is rugged, and it is the only Galaxy that offers exceptional durability.

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