The #1 Tablet of Choice: iPad 4

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The #1 Tablet of Choice: iPad 4


The 4th-generation iPad, referred as the iPad 4 is actually a tablet computer which is created and marketed by the giant manufacturer, Apple. This 4th- generation iPad holds an upgraded component, such as lightning connector and A6X chip. iPad 4 is available worldwide, wit

h color options of black and white. They can be purchased along with several storage and connectivity options. The options for storage size include different GB (16, 32, 64 and 128 GB). The options available for connectivity are only WI-Fi and the joint of Wi-Fi and Cellular, which forms LTE capacities.


The 4th-generation iPad gained positive reviews for its hardware and Retina display improvements, which featured the predecessor of the device. Additionally, benchmarks have revealed that the 4th-generation iPad is capable to do CPU-reliant responsibilities faster than its predecessor. There were about three million iPad Minis and iPads sold.

What Made iPad 4 the Number 1 Tablet?
This 4th-generation iPad holds an iOS 6.0, which plays a big role in carriers, such as sharing Internet connection via WI-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. It also has great access to the renowned Apple App Store, which is a perfect for distribution of digital application iOS platform. Such service permits users to download and browse the applications from iTunes Store developed with iOS SDK and Xcode.


In 4th-generation iPad, there are exactly 4 buttons and a single switch. It includes a home button which displays the return when the user is exploring other apps. On the sides, there are 3 plastic switches. These are the up/down volume, wake/sleep and software controlled to function the different software updates. On the outer side, the iPad 4 is the same on its predecessor aside from the distinctions between the used dock connectors and alteration of manufacturers which are displayed. The weight of cellular model is 662 g, while the Wi-Fi is 652 g.

The iPad 4 has a smart cover. It has a screen protector which is magnetically attached to iPad’s face. Its cover had 3 folds that permit it to transform it to stand. The cover is called Smart since it has the capacity to adopt man positions, such as folding. It has a microfiber button which helps clean the iPad front.

The iPad 4 has a clear has clearer specs than iPad 3. It has excellent touches and finishes. This is a good device for starters.

When we talk about iPad 4 design, is surprising that they do not look different from the Apple’s original duo tablet range. As you can see, they look very similar with iPad 2. When both devices are turned off, you will have difficulty pointing out where iPad 2 and where iPad 4 are. But, there’s a little different when you come closer. There are not alike of their weights. The iPad 4 is 60 grams heavier than iPad 2.

Retina Display

The Best thing about iPad 4 is its retina display. It comes with 1536 x 2048 pixels, and has a screen of 9.7-inch.
The iPad 4 is indeed a tablet of choice. It is the perfection of the previous models being studied. Though, they are alike or comparable to iPad 2, iPad 4 weighs more and has additional features. Its sales are very much increasing.

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